What Is Conversion Rate Optimization: An Intervention

Congratulations! Your website gets a ton of traffic. Your pages show up on the first page of SERPs. Everything seems great… until you realize that those pages aren’t converting. You may be in need of a conversion rate intervention. What is conversion rate optimization, and how can you use it to turn those eyeballs into high-quality leads?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is conversion rate optimization what is CROThe idea of conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is simple. It involves using strategies to get the number of visitors as close as possible to the number of conversions. Also, keep in mind that a “conversion” doesn’t have to be a purchase. If your content encourages users to fill out a contact form or pick up a phone, that counts, too.

“What Am I Doing Wrong?”

The first step to fixing a problem is identifying that there’s a problem with your pages in the first place. Hopefully, that’s why you’re here. You searched “what is cro” or “what is conversion rate optimization” in order to find a solution. That’s a huge hurdle because many businesses are content with just getting eyeballs on their website.

Of course, you may not know that you have a problem in the first place. Fortunately, the best digital marketing agencies can use Google Management tools like Search Console and Google Analytics to provide an intervention. They can help you understand why low click-through rate (CTR), short time-on-page, and high bounce rates could be holding you back.

Making the Best of an Opportunity

So, what is conversion rate optimization? It’s a chance to start from scratch and analyze why pages aren’t leading to clicks. If you need guidance, Dreamscape Marketing in Columbia, Maryland can lend a helping hand. For instance, we can use a content audit to dive deep into on-page issues, including:

  • Content quality
  • Keyword choices
  • User intent
  • Call to actions (both in content and within SERPs meta descriptions)

If you still have questions about CRO or other content marketing strategies, we’re here to help. Call Dreamscape Marketing today at (877) 958-9180.