The Right Photo and Video Content Will Turn Website Visitors into Patients.


Quality visuals speak volumes, and when used to create a website design for your healthcare organization, it can leave visitors with an unforgettable first impression. In fact, viewers often form opinions of your organization quickly based on what they see, making photos the perfect medium to demonstrate all that you have to offer. From emotions to meaning, hospital and health system media production craftily captures attention while simultaneously highlighting the best components of your organization.

Dreamscape Marketing’s media production services ensure the following:

  • Every photograph on your website is tailored to perfectly fit the content, creating a distinct and flawless aesthetic
  • Utilize Dreamscape Marketing’s collection of industry-specific visuals to take your marketing efforts to the next level
  • Visually stimulating photos provide an inside look at your campus
  • Visual examples of the campus help future patients visualize themselves there
  • Unique and positive aspects of your campus are highlighted
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s professional photographers can travel to your campus
  • Photos are placed strategically so that viewers’ attention is immediately captured


With video content marketing, Dreamscape Marketing is here to ensure that your website videos take the viewer on a journey, showcasing why your health system or hospital is the right choice. Our shareable videos will drive social media engagement and draw new patients in with their quality. Viewers can gain an understanding of just how high-quality yet accessible your services are.

The right videos can be the most effective asset on your site. Overall, Dreamscape Marketing’s digital media production and videography services offer much more than you might expect.

  • Share patient referrals directly onto your site by showcasing success stories
  • Develop familiarity by introducing staff and other experts in short and engaging videos
  • Show new patients that your program welcomes them
  • Drone footage displays your campus from impressive angles
  • Realistic 3D tours that impress new patients 
  • The videography team can provide storyboards that will turn your vision into reality
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s video team can travel to film your hospital or health system 
  • Multiple video package options to select from

Benefits of Hospital and Health System Media Production

The advantages of hospital and health system media production are infinite when it comes to expanding your online presence. These visuals can inform potential patients about who you are and what matters most to you. These photos and videos portray a unique tone that resonates with new patients.

To ensure that your health system or hospital has the trust of new patients, it is essential to seek professional marketing services and create an effective media production strategy. With this, you will be able to effectively connect with new patients and drive growth for your programs and services. 

Reach Out to Dreamscape Marketing Today

With Dreamscape Marketing’s hospital and health system media production services, you have a partner who understands the healthcare industry and can help you reach your goals. Partnering with Dreamscape Marketing offers your hospital and health system the opportunity to take advantage of industry-leading SEO, web design, and digital conversion tactics so you can reach new patients right when they are seeking care. We’re digital natives ready to demystify SEO and put your brand in a position to connect with a highly qualified audience.

For hospitals and health systems, marketing is about much more than just attracting new patients. It’s also about building relationships with current and former patients and referral sources. Creating a well-rounded marketing strategy that supports all aspects of your practice can be daunting, but it’s worth the effort. For more information about Dreamscape Marketing and how we can help your hospital or health system achieve its growth goals, contact us today at 888.307.7304.