It is proven photos & video convert website visitors to admissions.


A saying that a picture is more powerful than words is usually true. Photos give a viewer the first impression of your facility. They are already beginning to form an opinion of your center long before they read a single word. As a result, addiction treatment media production like photography plays a key role in showcasing your facility.

With Dreamscape Marketing’s photography, you accomplish many things, including the following:

  • Your photographs won’t look like everyone else’s (many of whom simply use stock photography)
  • Capture the look of your facility with visually dynamic photographs
  • Images of food, lodging, and happy people do much for conversions
  • Be open and honest by showing potential clients exactly what they’ll get
  • Create energy and excitement around unique aspects of your facility
  • Show the scope of your facility with drone photography
  • Dreamscape Marketing can provide an industry-specific shot list
  • Dreamscape Marketing can also travel to shoot your facility
  • Many competitive packages for your facility to leverage


Like photography, videography gives the viewer a chance to see your facility without actually being there. Through movement and sound, video truly brings your facility to life. In fact, it makes clients want to come to you.

In fact, video is the highest converting addiction treatment media production asset on a website. With Dreamscape Marketing videography, you can do the following:

  • Capture the success stories of alumni
  • Introduce clinical and administrative staff
  • Welcome new members into your facilities community
  • Highlight the facility’s positive environment
  • Drone video tours with dynamic moving camera angles via drone video shoots
  • Explore 3D tours through proprietary Google software
  • Dreamscape Marketing can provide storyboards as well as interview questions from which to work
  • Dreamscape Marketing can also travel to shoot your facility
  • We offer many competitive packages for your facility to leverage

Addiction Treatment Media Production from Dreamscape

Leave digital media production to the experts. Bring your facility to life online with addiction treatment media production offerings from Dreamscape Marketing. If you’d like to learn more, then reach out to us at (877) 958-9180.