Attract and Engage More Prospective Patients with Hospital Content Marketing

As a hospital marketer, you know that you need a solid digital marketing plan to attract and convert new patients and support your organization’s business goals.

You know that you need a strong hospital SEO strategy to rank high on Google and drive more traffic to your website.

You know that your hospital website needs to be easy to navigate, free from technical errors, and provide a great user experience.

And you know that you need high-quality hospital content on your website that engages your audience, generates leads, and increases conversions.

Lots and lots of timely, relevant content.

Content Marketing Delivers Results

Planning and executing a successful hospital content marketing strategy takes time, but the results are worth the investment. There’s a reason that you’ll hear marketing professionals from all industries say that “content is king”. Consistently posting high-quality hospital content:

  • Boosts your hospital SEO rankings
  • Educates your target market on your healthcare service-line offerings
  • Demonstrates your authority and medical expertise
  • Connects with your audience to build affinity with your hospital brand

At Dreamscape Marketing, our hospital digital marketing agency experts work with your team to develop and deliver hospital content marketing plans and collateral that speak directly to the issues most important to your prospective patients.

Building Blocks of Hospital Content Marketing

At its core, content marketing is the art and science of creating blogs, landing pages, infographics, whitepapers, social media posts, videos (the list goes on) that builds a relationship between your brand and your audience. Good content marketing connects with the user by providing information they find valuable in a way that engages their interest and, ultimately, inspires them to contact you to learn more.

Our hospital content team will develop a customized strategy and content calendar designed to capture and keep the interest of your health system’s audience. We work with your team to identify the topics most important to your current and prospective patients and develop a content library that speaks directly to those issues.

Add Value with a High-Quality Hospital Blog

Blogging is a powerful part of your hospital content marketing strategy. Search engines reward websites that consistently post new content, prioritizing content that is relevant and provides value. Your blog is a great place to regularly share content that connects with your target audience and is optimized for your SEO strategy. Incorporating internal links from your blog to other pages on your site, like your healthcare service-line pages or about us page, also gives your SEO a boost.

Articles on your hospital blog are also valuable for posting on social media, linking to in your email marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns, and for sharing with prospective patients seeking more information on a topic important to them. The key to a successful health system blog is consistency, and the best way to ensure you’ve always got a steady flow of articles is to plan your content calendar ahead.

Coming up with high quality hospital content for your blog takes time, keyword and topic research, and experienced writers who can balance clear and engaging copy with SEO optimization. But you don’t have to go it alone. Our team of healthcare content marketing experts will work with you to build a content plan and calendar that adds new, valuable content to your website and improves user experience.

Demonstrate Your Expertise with Optimized Landing Pages

Your hospital website’s landing pages are tasked with accomplishing many goals. They inform visitors to your site about the healthcare service lines you offer, anticipate user questions, contribute to your SEO strategy, and support your brand with consistent style, tone, and messaging.

Dreamscape can help you create landing pages that not speak directly to your audience’s needs but rank high on the SERP for your target keywords. All while providing a best-in-class user experience that builds trust with your prospective patients and generates more leads for your health system.

Share News and Engage Your Community Through Press Releases

Your hospital’s decision to hire new board members, expand locations, or add additional service lines should be celebrated with a press release—it’s the perfect way to keep your target market informed and engaged. Not only will these announcements allow you to connect with readers directly while providing relevant information, but they are also proven methods for maintaining contact and ensuring that people remember your health system brand as cutting-edge and innovative.

Educate Your Audience with Infographics

When it comes to optimizing your content, it’s important to match the right type of content to the right marketing channel. And when it comes to creating content for your social media accounts, infographics are a great way to quickly and clearly share information. Dynamic infographics designed using your brand guidelines reinforce your hospital brand identity, educate your patients and prospective patients about your services and topics relevant to their interests, and help build your library of shareable marketing collateral.

Updating your existing pages with infographics that add value and improve user experience also supports your SEO strategy and can help boost your search engine rankings.

Build Lasting Value with a Hospital Content Marketing Agency

Investing the time and resources to create a well-researched, strategic hospital content marketing plan is critical for long-term digital marketing success. Good content builds relationships with your patients, demonstrates your authority, and supports your SEO.

Whether you’re looking for advice on conducting a content audit or need help getting your hospital content marketing strategy off the ground, Dreamscape can help. Contact us at 888.307.7304 to schedule a discovery call and learn more about our full suite of hospital digital marketing services.