The Importance of User Centric Healthcare Website Design

When it comes to healthcare website design, first impressions are everything. First-time visitors to your site will quickly decide about continuing their healthcare journey with your organization based purely on their user experience in those first few moments. As a result, users who don’t form a favorable first impression with your website may never even make it far enough to learn about your treatments or outcomes.  

Creating a high-quality user experience for visitors means focusing on user-centric design elements, such as: 

  • Clear Navigation  
  • Visual Hierarchy  
  • Credibility Support 
  • Fast Load Times 
  • Clean Layout 
  • Visual Contrast 
  • Consistent Branding 
  • Responsive Design 
  • Universal Accessibility 
  • Modern Trends  
  • Helpful Tools 
  • Direct CTAs (calls to action) 

Websites that fail to focus on user-centric design are likely to experience high bounce rates and ultimately lose market share to competitors.   

The 5 Ds of Healthcare Website Design

At Dreamscape Marketing, we understand the importance of delivering high-performing, user-centric websites that help healthcare organizations attract and convert new patients seeking their services.  

Our commitment to always follow the 5 Ds of healthcare website design allows our development and design teams to deliver our clients a clear roadmap to a high performing conversion focused website. 

Discover – If We’re the Right Fit + How We Can Help 

Before our healthcare web design experts can create the best medical website and digital strategy for your organization, we need to get to know you. 

Our team will conduct market research, perform technical analysis, complete website audits, and engage in strategy sessions with your stakeholders. We take the time to learn what makes you unique, the differentiators that help you stand out from your competition. We’ll discuss your pain points, what roadblocks are preventing you from reaching your strategic growth goals, and what current marketing and brand strategies your team has in place. 

The discovery phase is a critical part of the healthcare website design and digital strategy process and lays the foundation for a successful long-term partnership between us and our clients. 

Define – Your Website’s Goals 

The best medical websites not only provide a high-quality user experience but are custom-built to meet your organization’s needs and connect with your target market. Once we’ve completed the discovery phase, our team will outline a digital marketing strategy and website design that is optimized to support your organization’s goals and deliver the best ROI (Return on Investment) on your marketing budget. 

To reach those goals, it is essential that the key stakeholders on both teams are aligned. Before work begins, our strategic and technical experts will meet with your team to review your goals, define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and walk you through what to expect during the next phases of the project.  

This won’t be the last time your stakeholders hear from our team. During this phase, our account managers and technical leads will review the routine reporting, performance metrics, meetings cadence, and other logistical aspects of your project to make sure everyone is on the same page about timelines and deliverables. 

Design – A Stunning + High Performing Website 

After working in partnership with your team to understand your brand position, key differentiators, and marketing goals, our expert healthcare website design team gets to work.  

At Dreamscape Marketing, we take pride in designing high-performing websites that not only deliver a best-in-class user experience but are technically optimized to reach your goals. We do this by building your website with proven, data-backed technical SEO principles that drive you to the top of the search results page (SERP) for your strategically chosen keywords.  

Whether viewing your site on desktop or from their mobile device, visitors expect your pages to load quickly, be error free, and clearly provide them with the information they need to guide their healthcare choices. Our experienced team delivers websites that are rich in relevant content, easy to navigate, and optimized for conversion. 

When you partner with Dreamscape Marketing, you can be confident that our team will deliver a website design and plan that addresses your current needs and provides flexibility for scalable, sustainable long-term growth 

Develop – Your Web Presence + SEO Strategy 

As a healthcare digital marketing agency, it’s our job to design and deliver websites and digital strategies that connect with your ideal patient. A successful healthcare marketing plan speaks specifically to your ideal patient’s needs and answers their questions with education and outcomes to build trust, thereby providing your teams with only highly qualified new patient opportunities. 

During this phase, our expert healthcare marketing strategists will develop a bespoke digital marketing mix suited to support your goals. Balancing your goals, budget, geography, competitors, among other key factors, our team drafts a holistic digital marketing plan using such initiatives as: 

As your website is in development, your Dreamscape Marketing team will be laying the groundwork for your full digital marketing strategy. 

Deploy – Your Website + Digital Plan 

Whether we’re delivering an overhaul of your existing healthcare website or creating a new site from scratch, our team takes pride in deploying high-performing websites that connect with and convert our clients’ target audience.  

But deployment doesn’t end when your site goes live. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement Dreamscape Marketing will remain a strategic extension of your marketing department. We’ll support site health, prepare on-going reporting against clearly defined KPIs, manage your SEO and PPC campaigns, and direct your digital strategy for peak performance and ROI. Our digital strategy plans are designed for flexibility, allowing our teams to respond quickly to address opportunities or challenges in your market and take advantage of emerging technologies. 

Finding a Healthcare Website Design Agency .

To learn more about benefits of implementing the 5 Ds of healthcare website design or your site, and how it can help deliver on your overall healthcare marketing strategy, reach out to our strategy team today by calling us at 888.307.7304 or filling out the contact form below. 

Our expert healthcare marketing strategists are ready to work through the discovery phase with your marketing team and demonstrate how we help healthcare providers connect with and convert new patients through a combination of superior user experience, conversion focused website design, organic search engine optimization (SEO), relevant and original content marketing, paid search (PPC (Pay Per Click), and social media.