Addiction Treatment Marketing.

Dreamscape Marketing designs and builds responsive addiction treatment websites leveraging the most up-to-date platforms and marketing technologies.

We do our addiction treatment website design using the WordPress platform. WordPress allows for easy addition of content and site management as the leading Content Management System (CMS). The interface allows us to be diverse with our clients while maintaining a user-friendly experience for your visitors.

100 percent of our websites are “responsive” because they adjust to all cell phone and tablet screen sizes automatically and change to touchscreen menus. Why is it so important to have a responsive website? More than 55 percent of your web traffic is going to be from mobile or tablets.

Dreamscape Marketing takes pride in its web design and is the perfect marketing team for your addiction treatment center. We have been working with addiction treatment centers of many varieties for over 10 years and look forward to working on your custom website design.

User Experience Your Clients Will Love

The first thing that will turn off your clients is an unresponsive, unorganized website. Think about what happens when you visit a web page and it is hard to navigate. Let’s say the sister of a potential new client is browsing your website and cannot find a phone number to your center. She would probably move on very quickly if she were looking at multiple addiction treatment centers.

Dreamscape Marketing’s custom websites include scrollable, easy-to-use pages that also look sharp. We realize most people are going to be using mobile and take that into consideration when designing your website.


Dreamscape Marketing Designs Websites for Your Consumers

Website design for Addiction Treatment CenterLeveraging our extensive experience with drug detox and rehab centers, we are able to completely understand and address their fears and pain points. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to design a website that doesn’t just have a unique online presence but also outperforms others. We design and build our websites solely to increase the user experience so that people who visit your website find what they came for. The goal is always to motivate new visitors to pick up the phone and call your center.

Dreamscape Marketing has coined the phrase, “The addiction treatment space is where hospitality meets healthcare.” We say this because people want to know where they will sleep, what they will be eating, and the type of things they will be doing there… just like they would if they were picking a resort for their vacation. All of our treatment center websites work to alleviate fear, show comfort, and demonstrate respect to patients and their families.

Connect With Our Team for Your Website Design

Along with making beautiful websites, Dreamscape Marketing has its hands in all aspects of digital marketing. Here are some other services we offer your addiction treatment center.

Trust your drug rehab website design with Dreamscape Marketing. Whether it is content, photography/videography, or mobile-friendly options, Dreamscape has you covered. Dreamscape Marketing is ready to begin working on your brand new website for your addiction treatment center.

Let us streamline your web design. Reach out to the web design team and SEO experts at Dreamscape by calling 888.307.7304. Or you can leave a message for one of our Dream Team members here.