PPC Campaigns increase the frequency at which your website appears as a sponsored result.

Search engines such as Google offer ad space right at the top of the page. These ads appear above the top search results so people see them first. Senior living pay-per-click allows your site to appear in these sponsored results.

Enhancing your search results with senior living PPC is an effective way to diversify your internet marketing campaign. Communities that take advantage of the PPC service will also appear more often in general search results. Dreamscape Marketing uses web traffic analytics to enhance your search results. We’ll ensure that your website appears in searches based on the most relevant keywords pertaining to your senior living community and the industry.

Senior Living PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is only part of an online marketing strategy.

The aggressive bid structure of Adwords has steadily increased the cost of PPC. Since it’s essentially an auction system, rapidly growing business sectors have experienced a 2–3% increase in monthly costs for the same traffic. Though it can’t stand on its own as a strategy, it’s an excellent supplement to business development during the initial stages. Senior living PPC becomes less important once the SEO campaign starts to produce results. Within three to six months, the SEO strategy will start to outperform the paid search campaign. We’ve fine-tuned our landing pages during our 10+ years of experience working with a broad range of businesses. We know how to create high-converting ads and target hyper-localized markets.

Though still a necessary channel, long-term paid search is a more expensive cost per lead. Our experience has shown that organic search ranking is the most cost-effective method for improving your page ranking and converting website visitors into residents.

Dreamscape Marketing can spearhead a senior living ppc campaign to drive traffic to your site. To get started, give us a call at (877) 958-9180 today.