CallTrackingMetrics for Customer Relationship Management

While your SEO Campaign is in full swing, Dreamscape Marketing is able to provide you with software that can help expand your customer relationship management.

Example of Customer Relationship Management in progress.Does your company need to track your leads and measure their successes? Do you need a customer relationship marketing agency? Dreamscape Marketing uses CallTrackingMetrics to lead calls into your CRM. This amazing tool accurately measures your marketing initiative’s success by closely tracking your lead generation.

You can map agents in your CTM call queue to a user profile (the CallTrackingMetrics agent) so that calls are routed to each agent in the queue, allowing those calls to associate with the right Salesforce or Zoho user immediately.

Our call tracking software will tell you a lot about potential leads, like what kind of business they have or where they are calling from. Not only will this provide your company with what services/products the caller is seeking, but it can shed some light on if SEO strategies are being executed.

How CTM Maps Your Call Data

When you use CTM, information about every telephone call gets documented, including:

  • Phone call recording
  • Caller’s phone number
  • Landing page URL
  • Call duration

If you don’t want some information going into your CRM in the standard format, you may want to map those fields to custom objects, which are easy to set up in your account.

Zoho, Salesforce… The Choice Is Yours

Sending Calls to CRM

With each call, your CRM lets you know if callers already exist in the database based on their phone numbers. If it’s a new caller, we’ll identify him or her as a new lead. If the person already exists as a lead or contact, we’ll document the activity under that contact or lead.

You may decide that you only want to send the call to your CRM if there’s a Caller ID for the caller’s phone number. This prevents restricted callers from being added to your CRM under the same contact.

Use CRM Integration to Determine What’s a Lead and What Isn’t

CRM integration allows for total control over exactly when and how you believe calls are creating leads and generating activity. For instance, you may decide that only calls over a certain duration equate to a viable lead. Being able to identify a strong lead will help you create a better understanding of what is working for your company.  On the other hand, spam callers and advertisements can be tracked to filter out illegitimate callers.

At Dreamscape Marketing, we use CallTrackingMetrics to set up our clients for success. It is important to be able to determine which of your ads brought you your new visitor. Understanding your clients’ and customers’ wants and needs is one of the best ways to build customer relationships. Once you are acquainted with our software, you will be able to track your calls as you please, and Dreamscape will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Customer Relationship Management at Dreamscape Marketing

Along with CTM, there are a number of ways that Dreamscape can help your company thrive in a technology-driven world.

When it comes to needing a customer relationship marketing agency, look no further than Dreamscape Marketing. Building your customer relationship doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Call Dreamscape Marketing today, and one of our business solutions consultants will be happy to help. Start your SEO campaign today and watch your company soar to new heights.

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