Mental Health Treatment Marketing.

Dreamscape Marketing: A True Business Partner in Mental Health Treatment Digital Marketing


The leading digital marketing agency delivering growth, thought leadership, innovation, expertise, and strategy.


To provide organizational leaders and marketing decision-makers a true business partner in the development, execution, and management of a complete digital presence that achieves their growth goals.


We believe the public deserves a transparent online marketplace to learn about their healthcare choices. We support the connection between online researcher and healthcare provider through ethical digital marketing.

How We Help: A Mental Health Treatment Digital Marketing Agency’s Role in Driving Business Growth

In order to succeed in today’s competitive business climate, mental health treatment providers can benefit from a true business partner that can drive reliable, repeatable, scalable growth.

Since 2005, Dreamscape has provided our clients with bespoke, ROI-focused marketing strategies in support of their business goals. Founded on a commitment to continuous improvement guided by data-backed decision-making, we deliver best-in-class user experiences that increase conversion rates and maximize marketing budgets.

Taking the time to understand a client’s story, value, and position in the marketplace is critical to creating a successful digital marketing strategy. Dreamscape’s experts work in partnership with our clients’ leadership and marketing teams to understand their brand story, identify their business goals, and develop a carefully balanced marketing mix that connects with their ideal target audience.

Leveraging a strategic mix of mental health treatment digital marketing solutions, including mobile-friendly conversion-focused website design, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media management, marketing automation, and attribution technology components, we secure for our partners the top digital real estate positions that connect with and nurture highly qualified new patient opportunities.

As a mission-driven agency, Dreamscape Marketing is proud to play the integral role of connector between patient and provider in the online marketplace, helping over 160,000 Americans searching for healthcare services find the care they need while also generating $3.6 billion in new patient activation for our clients.