Addiction Treatment Marketing.

The science (and art) of getting your addiction treatment website to rank higher.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science (and art) of getting your addiction treatment website to rank higher in Google for the search terms that convert into leads for admissions. Dreamscape Marketing has a comprehensive understanding of the sales process that takes place online when people are seeking treatment.

As a Google-certified partner with expertise in the field of addiction treatment SEO, Dreamscape Marketing knows that nearly 86% of people searching for treatment want to know if your center accepts their health insurance carrier. People also search with geographic terms like a city or state. The trend that Dreamscape Marketing has observed is that as the drug rehab industry starts to become better known, people are becoming aware of the many options available to them. As a result, competition for patients has become more intense among centers. A targeted addiction treatment SEO campaign can give your treatment center an edge.

How Dreamscape Marketing Takes Your Addiction Treatment SEO to the Next Level

The way Dreamscape Marketing performs addiction treatment SEO is not only by making sure our tagging strategy matches the sales process but also by generating a massive amount of unique content.

The various pieces of content we create are blogs, landing pages, infographics, memes, videos, press releases, and animated graphics. For any drug rehab SEO campaign, we write content to target insurance groups, different substances, states, cities, symptoms, and modalities. Google prefers to see a lot of new content that is frequently posted. Potential patients, however, like to see content that relates to them. A good marketing plan satisfies both requirements. For example, the consumer may be searching for a “treatment center in South Florida that specializes in heroin that accepts Aetna health insurance.” If we create content that covers heroin, South Florida, and Aetna health insurance, the website will invariably rank well. Due to our enhanced user experience, they will be able to find all the other information they may need to make the decision to call.

Detail-Oriented and Data-Driven Addiction Treatment SEO

As mentioned, a successful addiction treatment SEO campaign is a science and an art. At Dreamscape Marketing, we use our Google-certified expertise and years of experience to thoroughly research keywords for your business. Cookie-cutter SEO strategies are not our style — every content strategy is unique, just as every center is unique. Creating a groundbreaking SEO campaign is done by combining proven SEO knowledge with thoughtful attention to detail. Understanding what makes your rehab center different is what will raise your website to the top of search engine results pages.

Doing the research for an SEO campaign isn’t something that you can learn overnight. It requires years of experience and an understanding of Google’s algorithms. This experience also helps our SEO masters develop an intuition that you won’t find anywhere else. Understanding data, recognizing the needs of the treatment center, and synthesizing it all into a successful content strategy: that’s the art of drug rehab SEO.

The Core of Your Content: User-Oriented Drug Rehab SEO

Many agencies will advertise a seemingly unbeatable addiction treatment SEO campaign, but many of them overlook the most important consideration in content: potential patients. That’s right—only focusing on pleasing Google is a surefire way to fail. In fact, Google doesn’t even want content that only pleases its algorithms. If potential patients aren’t finding the information they need in a clear and concise way, then what’s the point? Our goal is to create content that clearly illustrates what your center can do for potential patients and motivate them to call your business.

With Dreamscape Marketing, you can rest assured that the content on your website is fresh, accurate, and engaging. We work closely with our addiction treatment centers to determine exactly what type of content they need for their website. Being accurate about a center’s services and amenities is important to us—just as much as it is to potential patients. Our goal with our content is that those visiting your site get a clear picture of what your center has to offer. From tone to treatment, we ensure that every piece of content on your site reinforces your center’s values and goals.

Jumping Off the Page with Your SEO Campaign

Another integral aspect of addiction treatment SEO—and most likely the most difficult part—is the number of websites linking back to your website. Off-page SEO is an often overlooked but essential part of any campaign. Websites that link to your website increase your site’s authority and reliability. Essentially, the more websites that link to yours, the more trustworthy it appears to Google and potential patients.

Every marketing agency has a collection of easy business directories. However, what Dreamscape Marketing has acquired over the last few years are relationships with bloggers that are in recovery themselves. They allow us to post our great infographics & videos so their readers & followers then share them. These shares lead potential clients to your website.

What also makes us unique is we have automated the distribution channel without incurring spammy links. Many agencies will try to sell you backlinks. These backlinks actually hurt your SEO campaign because they’re spam. Dreamscape Marketing offers nothing but authentic backlinks that will bolster your website’s authority. These elements round out our drug rehab SEO strategy.

Begin Your SEO Journey with Dreamscape Marketing

The journey to the top of Google’s search engine results page isn’t one you have to make alone. Leave the SEO to the experts. By letting us focus on your SEO strategy, you can focus on what’s important: your patients. We’ll get them to make the call; all you have to do is answer.

Let Dreamscape Marketing take care of your drug rehab SEO strategy. Our Dream Team will collaborate to create a custom plan for your center. To get started with an addiction treatment SEO campaign, give us a call at 888.307.7304 today. Our guidance can take your treatment center to the next level.