Dental Practice Marketing.


To better gauge the success of lead generation, Dreamscape Marketing utilizes CallTrackingMetrics to lead calls into your dental marketing CRM. This tool works to deliver clear information that verifies how successful the marketing initiative is and whether it’s achieving desired goals regarding lead generation and admissions.

You can map agents in your CTM call queue to a user profile (the CallTrackingMetrics agent) so that as calls are routed to each agent in the queue, those calls are associated to the correct Salesforce user right away.

Mapping CTM Call Data

Every telephone call in CTM has details that are associated with it, including:

  • Call recording
  • Caller’s phone number
  • Landing URL
  • Call length

Rather than those going into your dental marketing CRM in the standard format, you may want to map those fields to custom objects you can set up in your account.

SalesForce, Zoho, Your Choice

Sending Calls into CRM

Each time a call comes in, your CRM indicates if the individual already exists in the database based on his or her phone number. If the person doesn’t exist, we can add this individual as a new lead. If the person does exist as a lead or contact already, we will add the call as an activity under that contact or lead.

You may also decide to only send the call into your CRM if there is a Caller ID for the caller’s phone number, which prevents restricted callers from being added to your CRM under the same contact.

Adding Leads and Activities in CRM

It’s also possible to control exactly how and when calls are determined to be creating leads and activities. For example, you may decide that you only want calls over a certain call length to create a lead.

Mapping Calls to Other Objects Besides Leads and Contacts

Some dental practices may decide that they would rather map their calls to something other than leads or contacts. For example, you may instead want to map new callers to an Opportunity instead of a Lead.

Let Dreamscape Guide You Through Dental Marketing CRM

With so many tools available, you may not know where to turn. For CRM dental practices across the country trust, reach out to Dreamscape Marketing.