How In-House Marketing for Drug Rehab Centers Can Be Disastrous

The whole idea of in-house marketing for drug rehab centers is appealing for many facilities—in theory. Like every theory, however, real-world testing can reveal that in-house marketing isn’t everything it promises. Many operators assume that an internal marketing department gives them more control over the message and more control over costs. Typically, they imagine that…

Woman discussing alcohol and drug rehab SEO strategies

Alcohol and Drug Rehab SEO Strategies – What You Need to Know

Competition in the addiction treatment field is intense. As a result, alcohol and drug rehab SEO strategies are competing for a relatively small number of keywords. Yet, with the right strategies deployed by SEO experts, your detox or drug rehab center can improve your Google rankings, drive traffic and ultimately increase admissions. While social media…

Woman researching the best drug rehab marketing

The Best Drug Rehab Marketing Means the Best Measurement

The best drug rehab marketing is the result of the best metrics measurement. Are you measuring your marketing metrics correctly? Are they the right parameters? The answers to these question can mean the difference between struggling year after year or experiencing a healthy increase in website traffic and facility admissions. The problem may not be…

Woman creating quality content on your drug rehab website

Creating Quality Content on Your Drug Rehab Website

In the world of web development, you’ll hear a lot about innovative design and navigation. These elements are obviously very important. However, they aren’t everything. The best designed drug rehab website won’t help you if your content isn’t up to date, compelling and highly relevant to the people who land on your page. Creating quality…

Man pleased with his drug rehab SEO

Drug Rehab SEO – Are You Doing It Right?

When a detox or rehab treatment facility wants to market itself effectively, there are many decisions to make. One of the most important topics will undoubtedly be drug rehab SEO. In its experience of designing, building and maintaining hundreds of drug rehab websites, Dreamscape Marketing’s team of drug rehab SEO specialists deploys effective methods and…