senior living community marketing plan

4 Ways Google Trends Can Help Optimize Your Senior Living Community Marketing Plan

Google processes more than 200 petabytes of data every day.1 Imagine lining up 200,000 one-terabyte external hard drives in a row. That’s what 200 petabytes looks like. How can this help improve your senior living community marketing plan?It’s no secret how much data Google harvests daily. Because they process more than 3.5 trillion searches per…

google addiction treatment resources

Google Addiction Treatment Resources: How Recover Together Can Help

When you Google “addiction treatment,” 12.8 billion search results are returned. Narrow your search to “addiction treatment near me,” and you’ll only have 688 million links to comb through. A little overwhelming, right?Granted, more than 25% of users click the first search result.1 But for those urgently looking for help with addiction and substance use disorder,…

behavioral health center kpi

3 Key Marketing Metrics Every Behavioral Health Center Needs to Track in 2023

Marketing best practices change every year. To make sure your promotional efforts are effective, analyzing every piece of your marketing strategy is helpful to ensure you’re getting a good return on your investment. But which behavioral health center KPIs are best?What exactly should you be tracking when it comes to your behavioral health center’s digital…


4 Ways to Earn More Backlinks for Your Autism Treatment Website

What’s the goal when writing content for your autism treatment center? Of course, you want to create engaging material your readers will find helpful and exciting—which is precisely what you should do!But there’s another way your content can serve your autism treatment center. We’re talking about backlinks. Although getting backlinks should never be the primary…

social media dentist

Share Wisely: 3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Dental Practice

Social media for dentists. Love it or hate it, this digital marketing heavyweight is something you have to incorporate into the digital marketing strategy that supports your dental practice. Today, your prospective and existing patients expect to find you on social media.Nearly all consumers, across every demographic, expect a company they’re interested in working with…