Senior couple sitting on couch

How to Build Trust and Win More New Resident Leads

Every relationship worth having, personal and professional, is built on mutual trust. Your spouse, a childhood best friend, the woman you buy insurance from, or even the man who sells you the last home you’ll ever live in, all these relationships share a need for trust. How Important is Trust in Senior Living? In a…

improve SEO rankings

How To Improve SEO Rankings In The New Year

Trying to improve SEO rankings or simply maintain them can be quite a challenge. Also, it’s not like you can learn about SEO and you’re done. Search engine optimization constantly evolves, and it’s your responsibility to keep up with it. At all times, you are in a race with your competitors to gain SEO ranking.…

Google core updates

An Overview of Google’s Most Recent Core Updates & How They Will Impact Your Website

We’ve known about Google’s algorithms for many years. They were created to stem the damage done by dishonest websites hoping to game the ranking system without providing decent content for viewers. In fact, Google core updates are a regular event each year. Each is an attempt to weed out stale websites that don’t provide the…

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4 Reasons Your Behavioral Health Center Should Outsource Psilocybin SEO Marketing

In 2020, users queried Google 6.9 billion times per day.1 They searched for diverse topics from lasagna recipes to the weather to behavioral health centers and everything in between. Regardless of the topic, all of these searches have a few things in common. Each one represents an opportunity—an opportunity to gain a new customer, a…

SEO trends

7 Important SEO Trends You Should Know for 2022

As we consider SEO trends for 2022, it’s important to restate just how important SEO is for attracting traffic to your website. Without a pro-active search engine optimization campaign in place, you’ll never achieve the results you desire. Therefore, let’s consider at what your 2022 SEO trends should look like. 1. Use SEO traffic to…

Digital marketing team reviewing addiction treatment center client's website

Is Your Addiction Treatment Center’s Website Costing You New Patients?

Ever think about all the services you outsource to successfully run your addiction treatment center? You hire a landscaping company to manage the grounds, an accounting firm for the taxes, a law office to do the legal work—so what about your marketing? Many addiction treatment centers have staff members who’ve taken on different aspects of…

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4 Effective SEO Strategies for Dentists

The medical field, particularly dentistry, is not lacking competition. Taking out radio or TV spots and a few display ads in local newspapers just isn’t enough anymore to set your practice apart. You know your practice needs a well-designed website with quality content to be competitive. (If you’re wondering if it’s time to update or…


Senior Living Marketing Strategies: How to Convert More Inbound Calls

In 2003, nearly 95% of American homes had a landline.1 Up until then, not having a home phone was unthinkable. But then, smartphones arrived on the scene and changed everything. Now, only 40% of homes have a landline and 97% own a cell phone of some kind.2 The demand for landlines is so low that,…