Hospital and Health System CRM: Customer Relationship Management at Dreamscape

If your health system or hospital is having difficulty engaging with patients in the modern world, look no further than Dreamscape Marketing for all of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs. With our specialized CRM services designed specifically to help you boost growth, we can help you connect with patients more effectively. Unlock the potential of connecting to patients digitally today.

Call Tracking Services

Our call-tracking services are here to help revolutionize your hospital and health system CRM. By utilizing the valuable data that we provide, you can accurately measure success and lead generation with ease. Our Dream Team takes this process one step further by using CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) in order for you to gain unprecedented insight into your current patient base.

What Is CallTrackingMetrics?

CallTrackingMetrics is a unique platform that delivers in-depth insights for each and every phone call your organization receives. In addition, this incredible tool allows you to collect a variety of invaluable performance metrics that help you make data-driven decisions. For example, this information includes:

  • Call duration
  • Recording of the phone call
  • Landing page URL
  • Caller’s phone number

By leveraging this knowledge, we can easily pinpoint what precisely encouraged the caller to contact you. It may include digital content, organic searches, or other modes of online advertising. With such details at our disposal, we will be able to zero in on certain aspects of digital marketing that seem to generate more calls than others.

It is essential to understand how your patients found your hospital or health system, the healthcare services they’re researching, and whether they align with your care options. Through CTM’s data-driven system, tangible growth can be achieved quickly and efficiently using this data to refine your messaging to better connect with your target audience.

Hospital and Health System CRM: How Does It Work?

Our expansive range of hospital and health system CRM services, encompassing SalesForce and Zoho, provides you with the power to manage all your leads and patient data in a single, convenient location. CallTrackingMetrics will even transmit every call directly into your CRM. With our assistance, you can take control of your contacts database by leveraging technological solutions tailored to fit the demands of a healthcare organization just like yours.

CallTrackingMetrics will help you distinguish between new and returning callers so that you can quickly determine whether the caller is a prospective lead. In addition to knowing how many times they’ve called before, this system allows you access to their previous calls—when they were made and what was said—so that your team can understand precisely what each person needs from your hospital.

CallTrackingMetrics can help you better understand the needs of your current patients, how they found your health system, and what decision-making factors triggered their conversion from prospect to patient. These valuable insights will help improve your connection with your target audience by speaking directly to what interests them the most.

Customer Relationship Management at the Core of Digital Marketing

Utilizing customer relationship management is the surefire way to set your hospital or health system on a consistent growth course. It’s essential that you comprehend the wants and needs of the patients if you want to give them efficient service; however, collecting data for health system CRM can prove even more beneficial in unlocking success. Communication is vital, but understanding your patients goes beyond mere conversation—delving into their preferences allows you to build strong relationships with patients and provide tailored solutions.

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