Non-Profit Organization Marketing.

Websites are necessary and multi-faceted entities. Despite popular belief, looks aren’t everything. While it’s important to have a visually pleasing and user-friendly site, it’s also important for it to function efficiently on the backend. With Dreamscape Marketing’s non-profit website hosting, you can rest assured that your site will function at peak performance.

Non-Profit Website Hosting You Can Count On

At Dreamscape Marketing, we use WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) and website hosting tool of choice. WordPress hosting gives us the design capabilities we need to develop visually stunning sites while also giving us the functionality and security we want for our clients.

Furthermore, you never have to worry about getting left in the dark. While the Dream Team works hard to address all of your needs and questions, we may not be able to be there all the time. Luckily, WordPress offers 24/7 support from experts who will give you advice and troubleshoot with you when there’s an issue. Additionally, you’ll get 1-click restore, daily backups, and EverCache that will keep your site safe regardless of what happens.

Websites (and Users) Have a Need for Speed

Have you ever visited a website and it takes forever to load? How long before you give up? Probably less than a minute, if you’re like most users. This doesn’t give your site much time to hook a user before they decide it’s not worth the wait. Luckily, Dreamscape Marketing knows how important speed and load time are when it comes to website hosting.

We have two servers at Dreamscape that we dedicate to WordPress-online websites. These servers also maintain backups of your website in the event of an emergency. To further ensure the speed of your site, we create a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that allows pages on your non-profit website to load images discreetly and separately from the content. This way, websites load efficiently while still giving the viewer the information they need.

Safe and Secure WordPress Hosting

At Dreamscape Marketing, we pride ourselves on the safety and security of our clients’ websites. Our clients are our partners, so their security is our security. In addition to aiding in the speed of your website, our dedicated servers also ensure that malware won’t have a way into your site. We further ensure this by using tools that work with WordPress and leave no room for spam to get through.

Additionally, we utilize disk write protection, multiple security layers, isolated environments, and active intrusion detection to monitor your non-profit website hosting and maintain its integrity. Nothing gets through to your website without us knowing about it.

Expect to Grow

Finally, when you work with Dreamscape Marketing, you can expect to grow. This can’t be said about every digital marketing agency. Our non-profit web hosting is second to none, so when your organization grows, your website will grow with it. We use the latest and most innovative technology to make your website scalable. That way, when you grow with Dreamscape Marketing, we grow with you.

Let Us Host You

Our home is your home, or in this case, our servers are your servers. In addition to non-profit web hosting, we also offer non-profit marketing services such as:

When you’re ready to begin your non-profit website hosting with Dreamscape Marketing, give us a call at 877-958-9180.