Small Business Marketing.

Our SEO campaign options will help your small business website rank higher

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven method for raising your small business website’s search engine ranking. Our SEO campaign will focus on the search terms that convert visitors to your site into customers. We understand the sales process that occurs online when people are looking for products and services. We’re aware of key facts that relate to your industry—nearly 86% of people use search engines to make purchasing decisions. People seeking a business tend to search heavily with geographic terms like the name of a city, neighborhood, or state. Dreamscape Marketing pays close attention to trends in your industry. We’ve observed that as a small business becomes present in people’s minds, they become aware of the service options available to them. Competition for the top search engine spot is inconsistent among local businesses, making an SEO campaign a surefire way to set yourself apart from your competitors. We can help your business with the following:

Dreamscape Marketing customizes your SEO campaign by matching our tagging strategy to the sales process. We help your site rank higher by generating a massive amount of unique content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Small BusinessIn the realm of search engine ranking, a web page is useless without unique content. Dreamscape Marketing will create original blogs, infographics, landing pages, videos, memes, animated graphics and press releases. We make sure that our content targets keywords and locales that are relevant to your business. Google and other search engines prefer to see frequent posts of new and unique content. Potential customers prefer to see content that is relevant to their situation. A complete marketing plan addresses both needs. For example, imagine for a moment that your customer searches for the following term:

“Is there a local organic farm in Baltimore County that specializes in free-range eggs?”

If the content on your website addresses organic farming, Baltimore County, and free-range eggs, you can rest assured that you will rank well. Once the search engine user clicks your link in the search results, we’ll make sure that your site design shows them all the information they need. With their questions covered by your site, they’re highly likely to reach out to you to make a purchase.

What Is an SEO Campaign?

SEO campaigns are powerful tools to generate revenue. This long-term strategy involves the use of informative, engaging content to drive traffic to your site. Search engine optimization is an often overlooked aspect of marketing a small business. The content itself on your site is just one part of the equation. To rank well for the search terms that matter, you need to also address the unseen aspects of SEO. In short, SEO campaigns involve:
  • Powerful content – The blogs and landing pages on your site should target the keywords that will help you grow
  • Optimized pages – The images and links on your website make a difference
  • Backlinks – Your small business can build credibility by appearing on other sites
Effective SEO campaigns involve continually updating your site. This shows search engines that your site has the most up-to-date and accurate information, and gives customers a reason to come back.

Combining Creative Content with Strategy

Developing an easy-to-find and interesting website isn’t just about creating engaging content—it’s also about the unseen. Backlinks are one of the most important but overlooked part of a small business SEO campaign. Backlinks refer to the number of external sites that link back to your website. We’ll use our network of industry-specific business websites to create backlinks to your site. These other sites offer us another channel to post our striking infographics and quality videos, leveraging their readers and followers who will share them and create a buzz around your business. We have a unique edge here as well—this distribution channel is automated without appearing bogus in any way.

When established sites start linking to your small business website, your search engine credibility begins to trend upward right away. This is the goal of an SEO campaign. Raising the number of inbound links (also called backlinks) is a proven method of ensuring that your website will be seen and clicked before that of the competition. We also have an edge over our competitors. With our network of quality content marketing, we can turn your site into a trusted source for search providers. Think of backlinking as a form of online name-dropping. It augments your credibility by association with a respected presence.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing can be overwhelming for any small businesses owner.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Search, and Lead Generation—these are important strategies used to get websites to the top slot on a search engine page.

Dreamscape Marketing knows how to apply these strategies, fully exploiting the secret algorithms search engines employ to rank websites. We’ll leverage these methods to the fullest, ensuring that your site gains the maximum exposure to your target customers.

Why Small Business SEO Is Necessary

SEO is anything but a straightforward process. It requires years of expertise and an intuition that is only developed over time. The team at Dreamscape Marketing understands exactly what small businesses need to build their online presence.

Small business SEO increases the likelihood that your current and potential customers will find your site when using their preferred search engine. It’s imperative that your business shows up at the top of the first page of search results. Our analytics repeatedly show that most people won’t move beyond the first page of search results, even when looking for something specific.

Dreamscape Marketing will increase your website’s ranking on all major search engines. We’ll ensure that your site contains the unique content and relevant information that the search engine’s algorithms are looking for. We’ll make sure that your site has:

  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Keyword targeting
  • Backlinks from established websites
  • Original content

Your customers need to be able to find you quickly and easily through major search engines. We review the words they’re using to find you and other sites like yours. Dreamscape Marketing will place these keywords into the content on your company’s website. Search engine users will find you more easily, which provides an essential lead over your competitors.

Local SEO Campaign Planning for Small Business

You might not want to target a nationwide audience through your SEO campaign. Instead, you want to reach the customers in your area. A local SEO campaign is a valuable and affordable tool for small businesses. If you want to appear in searches in your local geographical area, Dreamscape Marketing can target the keywords that those near you are searching. Selling organic eggs in Baltimore County or plumbing services in Milwaukee? We’ll make sure that the right customers see your company.

Growth Through Small Business SEO Campaign Services

When you’re growing your small business, the last thing you want to worry about is people finding you. Instead, you should be focusing on making sure your service or product is the best it can be for your clients. Therefore, leave your small business SEO campaign to Dreamscape Marketing. With our range of services and team of well-rounded professionals, you can rest assured that your business’s SEO campaign is in good hands. Additionally, we offer a range of small business marketing services that can help you, including:

For more information about our small business SEO campaign services, reach out to our staff today. You can call us at 888.307.7304 to learn more. Take this opportunity to build a foundation online with an effective digital presence.