When you’re a business owner, seeing a lack of conversions can be frustrating. Instead of panicking, owners should take a step back and look at their incoming phone calls. With call tracking software, businesses can learn where calls are coming from and what areas they need to focus on. Dashboarding software through Dreamscape Marketing can provide you with the information you need to see the conversions you want.

The Information You Need with Dashboarding Software

Receiving phone calls for your business is great. However, not knowing the data behind the calls can leave new avenues for leads untapped. Dashboarding software allows business owners to collect this valuable information and turn it into new conversions for their business.

Call tracking software can also tell an owner a lot about their phone calls. By knowing when and where calls are coming from, you can adjust your efforts to receive the maximum amount of conversions. For example, if a bulk of your calls are coming from Baltimore but you want to target Columbia, you know you need to adjust your geo-targeted campaigns. Knowing when calls are coming through can also help you adjust your staffing needs. If a majority of your calls come through to your main office in the morning, it’s vital to have enough staff to answer those calls. Not being able to get through on a phone line can result in a lack of conversions that an owner never wants to see.

Making a Plan with Call Tracking Metrics

With the data you collect through call tracking software, making new marketing plans is easy. Instead of focusing your efforts on an already profitable area, you can focus on targeting surrounding cities with your campaigns. You can also adjust how you advertise through call tracking metrics. If a bulk of your calls come through a paid search, you need to place more attention on organic search. Giving a unique number to your print marketing, paid ads, and organic search will mean knowing what’s working and what you need to reassess.

Dashboarding software also allows you to review recorded conversations. By listening to past calls, you can determine if new processes are necessary for better customer service and conversions. Without knowing how calls go, you never know what might need changing for your best possible outcome.

Call Tracking Software Through Dreamscape Marketing

When it comes to building a better website and tracking business calls, you need the Dream Team in your corner. We provide the call tracking software and dashboarding software necessary to track and increase conversions. We offer the following call-tracking services:

Dreamscape Marketing can also help create marketing and SEO campaigns as well as website designs to take your business to the next level. To learn more about Dreamscape Marketing and call tracking metrics, reach out to our Dream Team today at 888.307.7304.