When it comes to a successful website, traffic is only half the battle. How do you get those users to convert into customers? If you’re struggling with this issue, Dreamscape Marketing can help. We specialize in using Conversion Rate Optimization—or CRO—to boost our clients’ website performance.

Understanding Conversions

Digital marketing gurus discussing conversion rate optimization CROBefore diving too deep into Conversion Rate Optimization, it’s important to understand what counts as a conversion. Conversions occur when a user accomplishes an action (or “goal”) on your website. In fact, a customer doesn’t always have to buy something. For instance, when a user fills out a contact form, that counts as a conversion because that user is interested in learning more about your company.

The conversion rate formula is simple: the number of users who visit your site divided by the number of users who completed a goal on your site. The closer that ratio is to 1:1, the better.

Using CRO to Complement Your SEO

Search engine optimization campaigns allow us to drive organic traffic back to your site. However, even the best SEO campaign strategies must employ CRO. Like we said in the beginning, what good is traffic if it doesn’t convert?

Using Google Analytics, Search Console, and other analytic tools, we identify what pages have the best click-through rate (CTR). The CTR is simply the ratio of traffic compared to clicks. We also look at opportunities for pages that aren’t performing as well (i.e. pages that have low CTR, high bounce rates, short page sessions).

As part of our standard SEO audit practices, we also ask the following questions:

  • Is the page targeting the right keyword?
  • Will the page answer a user’s question?
  • Does the page contain a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the user to take further action?
  • Does the page’s meta description (the short description Google displayed on SERPs) tells users about the page while also encouraging further action?

Crush Your Competition with Conversion Rate Optimization

When coupled with technical SEO, CRO can help your traffic convert at a much higher rate. For questions about our suite of award-winning digital marketing services, call Dreamscape Marketing today at 888.307.7304.