The Art & Science of Search Engine Optimization

You probably already know about the vast amount of content available online. But do you realize just how quickly your hospital website can move up in a search engine’s results pages (SERPs) by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) practices wisely? It is possible to achieve an excellent ranking by combining various qualitative and quantitative strategies. SEO has been proven time after time as an efficient way to boost visibility across multiple platforms while targeting relevant audiences. A hospital or health system SEO campaign can bring your services to the people who need them most.

Dreamscape’s hospital and health system SEO campaigns are designed to focus on converting website visitors into patients by targeting hyperlocal keywords. We’re familiar with the new patient journey and understand how the public searches for treatment options, typically using geographic terms such as city, county, or state. Our team has a wealth of experience, which gives us an edge over other companies and ensures that your campaign will be successful.

Our hospital digital marketing agency engineers customize SEO campaigns by implementing our tagging strategy to match the new patient journey so the people who visit your site are more likely to become customers.

The First Step in Your Hospital SEO Campaign

Optimal search engine ranking requires a website to have informative content, and we craft precisely that. We write original blogs and generate graphics, videos, landing pages, and press releases. Our content is tailored toward specific keywords, locations relevant to your organization, and symptoms and treatments that matter to your patients. Google rewards websites with regularly updated material which our team provides with ease; potential patients appreciate relevant information when they’re researching their healthcare choices.

Establishing a strong foundation of reliable content is integral for creating an effective website. Without it, there’s nothing to capture the interest and attention of potential patients or Google. All elements of your hospital and health system SEO campaign rely heavily on quality content. Additionally, your hospital or health system branding strategy, PPC campaigns, CRM systems, and website design all need high-quality material that speaks directly to readers’ needs. We are dedicated to helping you determine the right tone for your content and curating relevant information tailored to your patients. Plus, engaging calls to action will get website visitors to take the next steps, like scheduling an appointment with your office.

What Can SEO Do for Your Health System?

SEO is an effective way to craft content purposely so your target audience can easily locate you online. Ranking first on the search engine results page (SERP) is essential since research has demonstrated that most people don’t venture past the first page, even if they are searching for something specific. Our data supports this insight and demonstrates how impactful SEO practices can be to the discovery process.

Are you seeking a healthcare-focused marketing agency to expand your practice? Look no further than Dreamscape Marketing. We stand out from other firms by building a robust, reliable web presence that will make your website highly valued and authoritative in the eyes of search engines. Our digital marketing agency works collaboratively with healthcare companies nationwide.

Dreamscape Marketing will increase your website’s ranking on search engines. We’ll make sure that your site contains the content and information that the search engine’s algorithm is looking for. For example, these algorithms search for:

  • Website design and layout
  • Targeted keywords
  • Inbound link volume
  • Unique content

How Much Does Google Like You?

To ensure your current and potential patients can find you quickly and smoothly through large search engines, Dreamscape Marketing researches which keywords work best for your programs. Based on the results of our studies, our team can develop captivating content that will draw visitors to your website and sustain their interests. Combining both aspects makes it easier for prospective patients to find what they’re looking for on your site. Discovery, engagement, and interest are what you need to connect with and convert new patients. 

Health System Marketing & SEO Benefits

When other established online sites link to your hospital’s website, it instantly boosts its search engine credibility. This is the goal of a hospital and health system SEO campaign that promotes your services. Building up more inbound links (also called backlinks) to your site is an effective way to ensure that searchers choose yours over competitors’.

Dreamscape: Next-Level SEO

Is your hospital or health system in need of search engine optimization to boost its visibility on Google? Dreamscape Marketing is here to help you build an effective online presence tailored to your specific needs. Our SEO strategists will take the time to audit your website and understand your organization’s goals so we can craft a strategic plan designed specifically to promote what makes you unique. Let us work with you and create a powerful, valuable online platform.

We know that your organization deserves to be seen, so work with the team that will help you get the recognition you deserve.

In addition to cutting-edge hospital and health system search engine optimization, we provide further services such as website hosting and business consulting. For more information about Dreamscape Marketing, contact our friendly staff online or by calling 888.307.7304 today.h