Autism Treatment Center Marketing.

Hosting for WordPress-Only Websites, Dedicated to Security & Up-Time

WP Engine®—Dreamscape Marketing’s Preferred Hosting Solution

To serve our clients effectively, Dreamscape Marketing maintains dedicated servers for our WordPress-only websites. We know the tools that work well with WordPress and we steer clear of tools that allow the introduction of spam or malware. WP Engine® ensures daily back-ups and frequent security checks of your website. These are some of the key benefits of autism treatment website hosting.

There’s another excellent feature of WP Engine® that also benefits your website. We can activate a Content Distribution Network (CDN) so that your website can load images separately from the content. That’s important because it increases load speed tremendously, and Google’s ranking algorithm wants to see a fast load speed. WP Engine® also has a Secured Socket Location certificate (SSL), which adds an extra level of security that Google expects to see from websites. The way to determine if a website has an SSL is to see if the domain URL begins with “https.” A non-SSL-certified site appears as “http.”

Autism Treatment Website Hosting With WordPress

Our autism treatment center website hosting is accomplished through WordPress. There’s a reason we do it that way. Namely, WordPress hosting is the most innovative and customizable content management system available.

A surprising number of autism treatment centers don’t use WordPress for their websites. Consequently, these care providers find themselves at a disadvantage in the marketplace. With autism treatment center WordPress hosting, we can utilize the highest quality plug-ins and add-ons to ensure you reach prospective patients’ families more effectively. Dreamscape Marketing staff has the WordPress training and experience to give you the website design and autism web hosting your center deserves.

Autism Treatment Website Hosting Services at Dreamscape Marketing

It’s important to always keep your website ahead of your competitors. With an SEO campaign, you can rank higher and reach prospective patients’ families who are searching for you. Furthermore, our autism treatment center website hosting will minimize your costs and maximize your online potential and presence.

Do your hosting services supply the creativity and applications you need to produce results? Our high-quality autism treatment website hosting is secure and innovative. To learn more about autism web hosting, contact Dreamscape Marketing today at 888.307.7304.