Non-Profit Organization Marketing.

One of the most important aspects of a non-profit organization is the relationship between the organization and the individuals it helps. At the end of the day, a non-profit organization is nothing without a community. This is why Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is so important. Of course, a non-profit doesn’t always have customers. However, Dreamscape Marketing’s non-profit CRM integration can show you a number of ways this software can help any organization.

Understand Who’s Calling

Getting calls is great for a non-profit organization. Often, calls include people who are interested in your organization, potential donors, or people whom you can help. However, like a business, you have to make sure their calls are successful in helping grow your organization. You don’t want to make a poor impression on someone who needs your help. You also don’t want to miss out on a potential donation.

With a CRM system, you can monitor your calls and organize—or “map”—them to different categories. When an individual calls asking for information, you can map them as an “opportunity” and follow up with them over time. This way, you keep track of leads and don’t risk losing anyone in the mix.

Furthermore, a CRM platform such as CallTrackingMetrics allows you to see who’s calling, where they’re calling from, and how they found your organization. It also provides you with a recording of the call. This allows you to have quality assurance over all of your calls. Call tracking also gives you the opportunity to use those recordings for training opportunities. This software can help keep your organization running as efficiently as possible in all departments.

Organize Your Organization, Big or Small

Some people believe that CRM software is only beneficial for large organizations. While it’s true that CRM software like Zoho and Salesforce can help manage calls and direct them to the current team members, non-profit CRM is beneficial to an organization of any size. The information that CRM software provides for leaders of non-profit organizations is valuable.

Understanding how calls work, how they generate leads, and what your organization does to better itself in those calls all help the organization grow.

Furthermore, non-profit CRM platforms like Zoho and Salesforce help organizations with internal communications as well. Plan out tasks, delegate, and assign duties through these platforms to help your organization function smoothly. These platforms also help keep everyone in your organization in the loop so no one feels left out or confused.

Let Dreamscape Organize Your Non-Profit CRM

Don’t leave your organization’s future up to chance. With our customer relationships management software, we can help organizations of any size keep track of their progress and organize from the inside out. If you’re ready to get started with non-profit CRM software, business intelligence consulting, and SEO for non-profits, then contact Dreamscape Marketing today at 877-958-9180.