Ad tech has become a hot topic in the marketing world, and there’s a good reason for that. Social media has changed the landscape of consumer buying behavior. In many cases, the traditional sort of broadcast or digital media buys suddenly seem dated. As a result, more companies are looking for digital marketing firms that are invested in ad tech. For our clients, Dreamscape ad tech is an important component of their marketing strategy.

Why Does Dreamscape Ad Tech Matter?

Many businesses hear a buzzword like “ad tech” but aren’t entirely sure what it entails. Basically, ad tech (or advertising technology) represents the tools and software that empower us to enhance our advertising campaigns for clients through Dreamscape ad tech.

Not totally sure what ad tech is all about? If you’ve ever heard the phrases “programmatic” and “omnichannel,” that means you’ve been hearing discussions about ad tech.

Programmatic advertising is an aspect of ad tech that’s about pursuing target audiences more than time slots. For example, it’s not about media buys during expensive TV shows. In this situation, a lot of money is being spent in the hopes that the target audience may be watching. Instead, the objective is to buy ad space that definitely reaches that target audience.

Omnichannel marketing, on the other hand, is about targeting consumers across all media platforms, including desktop, mobile, and video. More importantly, it differentiates between first-time and multiple contacts with a consumer and displays content appropriate for each.

The true advantage of Dreamscape ad tech is that our clients can spend their marketing dollars more efficiently. We can deliver targeted content at targeted times to targeted consumers. Eliminated in this process is blind spending that can be inefficient and wasteful for businesses.

Ad Tech & Online Ad Placements

In the old days of advertising, that is to say, about 10 or 15 years ago, advertising on the internet used the shotgun approach. The idea was simple: blast your ads everywhere and hope that the right people (your target audience) see them. That means a lot of people who aren’t the target audience were seeing those ads—and ignoring them. While such methods can be successful, the cost per lead could be terribly high. In the end, a company’s marketing budget would be wasted on people who would never be customers.

Dreamscape ad tech methodology enables us to make more effectively position our marketing efforts for clients. Ad tech reduces the possibility of spending in markets or channels that are never going to be productive. With ad tech, it’s all about high-impact, value-added media placement.

Why Dreamscape Ad Tech Benefits Your Company

Ad tech data is diverse, which enables us to provide more granular and accurate targeting/integration for our clients. With ad tech, all marketing channels can be connected. By doing so, it’s no longer necessary to resort to awkward marketing messages being directed at the wrong people. Through cross-platform uniformity, it’s possible to target appropriate consumers in a way that’s consistent and logical.

As we collaborate with ad tech providers, two things become obvious:

There’s Never a Need to Compromise Quality

Everyone in marketing wants quick turnarounds. Unfortunately, that can compromise quality at every level. Ad tech encourages more effective project management. In turn, that means enhanced communication, more realistic deadlines, more attainable goals, and better execution of marketing campaigns.

Customization Is Necessary (and Easier)

The old one-size-fits-all strategies for content across all media platforms no longer make sense in an ad tech world. Creative needs to be customized for every channel and every use. Data interpretation enables Dreamscape Marketing to more easily customize content for various channels.

Dreamscape Ad Tech Benefits Our Clients

Ad tech is growing in its influence. As it expands and evolves, Dreamscape ad tech enables us to cost-effectively extend our reach across all media channels. In addition, we have the ability to share more data with our clients so that their marketing budgets can be spent more efficiently.

Through Dreamscape ad tech, we can more effectively serve our clients. As a forward-thinking company, we will always be looking for leading-edge technology that enables us to provide better service and better performance.

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