Build Better Campaigns With Insights Driven by Hospital Call Tracking Software

Winning hospital digital marketing campaigns that attract and convert your ideal target patients are built on a solid understanding of the patients you already have.  Hospital call tracking software delivers valuable insights into your patients, including patterns of behaviors, interests, healthcare queries, demographic data, conversion triggers, and more.

Using this data, our expert hospital marketing strategists will help you build more effective campaign that attract and convert your target audience and increase your digital marketing ROI.

Why Does My Hospital Need Call Tracking Software?

The more complete your patient data, the keener the insights you’ll be able to glean into the type of content and messaging that motivates your prospective patients to convert. And the more you’re able to integrate your systems, the more complete your data will be. Our team of healthcare digital marketing experts will help you integrate your hospital call tracking software into your analytics dashboarding and your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to make sure you’re gaining the maximum value from your data.

What are the Benefits of Hospital Call Tracking Software?

When your hospital content marketing team sits down to brainstorm blog topics for the coming month, or your social media team builds out your content calendar, they’re doing so with the goal of creating collateral and touchpoints that your ideal prospective patients will want to engage with and that will inspire them to contact you. Looking to refresh your hospital website design? Your dev team and designers need to know which pages delivered the most conversions and triggered the most phone calls.

This is the kind of information a properly implemented and integrated hospital call tracking software will yield. Datapoints collected through call tracking include:

  • Caller’s originating phone number
  • Date and time of the phone call
  • Duration of the phone call
  • How long the caller waited on hold
  • If the caller was a first time or repeat caller

Call tracking allows you to attribute each call back to its specific source by integrating your hospital’s static phone number (such as your main business phone line) as well as specially created dynamic phone numbers that forward on to your main lines. We help our clients stand up robust call tracking structures that help them attribute calls across a variety of sources, including:

  • Direct traffic
  • Organic search
  • Google Business Profile
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Programmatic and display advertising
  • Your health system’s social media channels

You’ll also be able to collect aggregate data to see trends in your calls over time, including the total number of calls, average number of calls by month or my week, and how many missed calls or unanswered calls you received during a given time period.

Using this data, our team will help you create marketing strategies to achieve your business goals that are measurable, sustainable, and scalable.

The Importance of Healthcare Digital Marketing Expertise

As a healthcare marketing agency, we understand the importance of building digital marketing campaigns and using patient data in compliance with HIPPA and other federal, state, and local patient privacy regulations. We believe that the public’s healthcare needs are best served through a transparent, ethical digital marketplace where those seeking information about their medical choices can do so free from harassment, predatory actors, and misinformation.

During discovery, we’ll review the appropriate patient information and privacy regulations for your health system and build high-performing digital strategies in compliance with your regulatory obligations. Contact us at 888.307.7304 to schedule a discovery call and learn more about hospital call tracking software and our full suite of hospital digital marketing services.