Dental Call Tracking Software

Dreamscape Marketing Dental Marketing Dental Tracking And Dashboarding SoftwareMost dentist appointments start with a phone call. While online appointment-making is undoubtedly increasing in popularity (and is a helpful feature for your site), phone calls provide a wealth of information about your potential patients. That is, if you’re tracking those calls correctly. With dental call tracking software, you can gain more insight into who’s calling you and how they got there. The experts at Dreamscape Marketing can walk you through our preferred dental dashboarding software and get you up to speed.

Understand Who’s Calling

Dreamscape Marketing uses a platform called CallTrackingMetrics to help you track your phone calls. This tool allows you to instantly know if an incoming call is from a new caller or an existing lead. It can also tell you where in the world your calls are coming from, how they found your phone number, and even what pages on your website they saw before dialing.

The system also helps you document all of your calls, so you can quickly access records whenever you need to. This easy-to-use dental dashboarding software makes it simple to fine-tune your SEO and marketing efforts to reach the people you want to speak to most.

Utilize Recorded Calls

Another perk of a dental call tracking software like CallTrackingMetrics is that it records and archives all of your calls for you. This way, you can review calls at any time. It’s an excellent way of finding out what works and what doesn’t.

When you find a technique with a higher success rate, you can then implement it across your reception team. Likewise, when you identify a problem that causes callers not to make an appointment, you can discuss this with your team and use it as a training opportunity.

Measure Your Success

Deciding how to allocate your marketing resources can be tough. It’s even harder if you aren’t sure which efforts are actually successful. Dental call tracking software can give you the insight needed to make these decisions with confidence.

CallTrackingMetrics can show you how a caller found your number, whether through a print ad or organic or paid search. This gives you instant data on how each of these efforts is performing. You can then adjust your strategy or reallocate resources to better meet your goals.

You aren’t on your own with these decisions, of course. The Dream Team will help you understand your call data and guide you through making the best choices for your dental practice.

Make Better Decisions with Dental Call Tracking Software

Growing your dental practice becomes a straightforward process once you have access to all the data. Let Dreamscape Marketing set you up with dental call tracking software so that you can make informed decisions about the development of your business. Call Dreamscape today at (877) 958-9180 to get started with dental dashboarding software.