Your addiction treatment center’s brand is more than just your name and logo. It’s also the strategy behind your identity and the treatment services you provide.

Dreamscape Marketing’s dedicated team will diligently work with you to create the identity you want to project and design the right messaging to promote your brand.

Specific services include the following:

  • Logo Design
  • Taglines
  • Service Naming
  • Messaging & Key Differentiators
  • Employee / Brand Interaction

Your brand tells potential patients in a very precise way who you are and what you do. Dreamscape Marketing helps make sure this branding process is done correctly.

What’s your brand? Should you be known as a holistic facility? Is your location a big draw for patients? Is your variety of amenities a big factor in admissions? Does all of this come across to your potential patients or their loved ones? Dreamscape Marketing will help you identify your brand and craft messaging that tells your customers who you are and what they can expect from your treatment facility.

Our Addiction Treatment Branding Process

Dreamscape Marketing performs an initial branding audit, which is a critical procedure for determining how potential client perceive your treatment center. This also allows us to flesh out a clear vision of the current position of your brand and its desired destination. The outcome of this “brandstorm” process is a flood of ideas and a clear awareness of the brand. We discuss the following topics via an established questionnaire:

  • Overall Goal of Branding
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Overall Business Goal
  • Common Industry Misconceptions / Fears
  • Corporate Vision
  • Target Markets
  • How the Brand Alleviates Misconceptions & Fears
  • Visual Identity

Treatment Center Branding Strategy Process & Messaging Goals:

  • On-site interviews with key department heads
  • Overall analysis of the state of the brand based on conversations
  • Brand promise statement
  • Key differentiator analysis

When a person is torn over the decision to attend treatment, certain aspects will be attractive and encourage the person to accept help. The potential to rebuild lost relationships, gain financial independence, and restore hope for the future should be compelling reasons to commit to treatment; however, chemical dependence causes these long-term goals to lose their luster. In addition to promoting the welcoming aspects of your treatment center, your brand needs to be emotionally relatable, modern, and representative of your personal values.

Authentic, Human-Centered Marketing

Your staff has dedicated their lives to helping people up from their lowest lows. Dreamscape can help your brand reflect that commitment without being annoying or overbearing. When people look at your website, social media, and any other branded content, this is the message this message of hope and understanding will shine through: “You’ve lost yourself, but we know you’re in there somewhere. Our staff will appreciate who you are as a person and help you get back to being the best version of yourself.”

Most of the people who look at your website will be doing so on someone else’s behalf. Our team will work collaboratively with you to help convey the following message: “Your loved one will fit in here. They will be safe, comfortable, and valued.”

Your brand needs to send a message of profound hope while acknowledging the pain and irony of being dependent on a deadly substance. By communicating purpose and alignment with your personal values, Dreamscape can help you tell a meaningful, authentic, relevant story to help define your brand.

Branding Strategies

Persuasive branding strategies that work by showing people the benefits of treatment are known as alpha strategies. Compelling blog posts, attractive photographs, and authentic testimonials are examples of alpha strategies. Persuasive branding strategies that work by minimizing a person’s resistance to treatment are known as omega strategies. An easy-to-navigate website, flexible payment options, and medication-assisted treatment are examples of omega strategies.

Be Found, Be Distinct

Everything you do (and don’t do) affects your brand. The way you advertise is part of your brand. The people who create content on your behalf need to have a deep understanding of the recovery process. Your addiction treatment center’s branding is a combination of the aforementioned alpha and omega strategies, ethical search engine optimization, and content created by people who are as committed to addiction recovery as you are.

Addiction treatment branding is a vital component of your marketing strategy. Make sure it’s done right. Reach out to Dreamscape Marketing today at 888.307.7304, or contact us online to discuss your treatment center branding strategy and how it could improve.