Non-Profit Organization Marketing.

Your non-profit organization has a purpose and mission. Whether it’s to help people, spread awareness about a cause, or raise money toward a goal, your organization has a story. Often, it’s hard to imagine capturing the entirety of your organization in a single logo or tagline, but that’s why Dreamscape Marketing is here to help. We’ll help you develop non-profit branding for your organization so you can effectively communicate your mission to everyone you meet.

It’s More Than a Logo

First impressions can make or break an audience. While your organization’s story may be relevant and compelling, it needs to be conveyed quickly. Otherwise, you may lose visitors or support. At Dreamscape Marketing, our team has years of experience capturing the essence of organizations through non-profit branding. We take the key ideas and purposes of your organization and develop a portfolio of logos, branding, and taglines for you to choose from.

To get information about your vision, we work with you through our “brand-storming” process. This involves a series of questions about your organization and what you want to convey with your non-profit branding strategy. Some of these topics may include:

  • Mission statement
  • Target markets
  • Visual identity
  • Misconceptions and fears in your industry
  • The overall goal of brand development

We can also work with several members of your team to further understand the identity your organization would like to embody.

Take Your Organization on the Road

In addition to branding your website and online presence, our non-profit branding strategies also encompass non-digital media. If you’re traveling to conferences or events, you’ll want print collateral to hand out to individuals you meet. This may include pamphlets, business cards, flyers, trade show booths, and more. We help you design these assets so your organization is always prepared.

Similar to our web design strategy, your input is the most valuable. We’ll work with you through every step of the process to help you develop unique and compelling branding for your print media. This way, individuals you meet in person will have a lasting impression of your non-profit branding and organization.

Develop a Non-Profit Branding Services That Reflects Your Organization

When it comes to your organization’s non-profit branding, you want to stand out. The last thing you want is to have the same business card or flyer layout as every other organization at a conference. Instead, you want branding that emphasizes the uniqueness of your non-profit and leaves individuals wanting to learn more. The Dream Team is more than ready to help you begin that process.

Some of the non-profit marketing services we offer include:

If you’re interested in developing your non-profit branding strategy with Dreamscape Marketing, then call us today at 877-958-9180. Tell your organization’s story with an unforgettable branding strategy.