PPC campaigns will lead to sponsored results that optimize your visibility.

Also known in the digital marketing industry as “paid search,” powerful PPC campaigns increase how often your website appears as a sponsored result. This online, organic advertising tool is an effective way to enhance your search results.

Companies who use paid search will show up more frequently for users’ general searches. Dreamscape Marketing uses advanced web traffic analytics to generate the most relevant search terms pertaining to your company and unique industry.

Understand that PPC campaigns have limitations.

Because costs keep rising, AdWords’ aggressive bid structure has led to “Googleflation.” Since it’s essentially an auction system, you’ll see a 2–3% increase per month for the same traffic. However, PPC campaigns are still a necessary channel to supplement business development until SEO campaigns start showing a positive impact.

Alternatively, keep in mind that within 3–6 months, organic SEO campaigns will typically start to outperform the paid search campaign. Drawing on more than a decade of experience working in the digital marketing industry, we fine-tune our creative content marketing and deploy ads with high conversion rates to hyper-localized markets.