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Producing relatable, relevant, professional content that will appeal to people in targeted locations who need the specific services you offer is a talent we’ve mastered at Dreamscape. Your website’s content offers insight into your values, priorities, and interests. It also tells Google who you are and what you care about. This is paramount in the search engine optimization (SEO) process because Google is more likely to display your site to a specific user when your existing content aligns with the user’s browser history.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 64% of consumers determine their allegiance to a brand based on the perception of shared values. Rather than claiming to hold certain values, good content will demonstrate it. Google evaluates and ranks a website by crawling its content. Effective content marketing strategy in 2021 involves the use of locally-targeted keywords artfully woven into a poignant, digestible, and culturally relevant narrative: something people enjoy reading.

Dreamscape Marketing deploys a team of seasoned content experts to deliver written material that accurately promotes your message. The goal is to motivate prospects to take the next step, which is contacting your company. Once they contact you, it’s easier to convert “prospects” into loyal customers. During the content marketing process, we’ll implement:

Landing Pages

Landing pages accomplish many goals. They discuss how your company delivers its services while educating readers about your brand as a whole. We can even tailor some pages around specific cities or regions of the country you want to target. In a nutshell, these pages tell prospective customers how your products and services benefit them directly.


Blogs provide additional educational and topical content to inform your readers. Fresh, consistent content not only keeps readers engaged, but it also provides valuable SEO opportunities to improve your search engine ranking and visibility.


Infographics are an easy way to communicate facts, numbers or statistics in an innovative, visually appealing way. We’ll collaborate with you to create a captivating product that incorporates your branding message.


Sometimes, certain subjects require a more in-depth discussion. You can use whitepapers as a tool to demonstrate your high level of expertise. They can also improve your SEO value, especially if other websites backlink to your whitepaper.

Press Releases

From time to time, you may want to share news about your company. Press releases are an excellent way to keep your readers in the loop and up to date about events, announcements, and projects in your community.

Content Marketing Services with Dreamscape Marketing

Without effective content, you’re left with an ineffective website. When you pair our content marketing services with our other digital marketing services, you take your brand to the next level. To learn more about Dreamscape Marketing, call us today at 877-958-9180.