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Dedicated Servers That Specialize in WordPress Websites

WordPress is an extremely efficient content management system and website-building platform. In addition to having the ability to create custom-built themes, offering enhanced options for increasing visibility on search engines, as well as offering customizable plug-ins, WordPress functions as a very secure and reliable addiction treatment website hosting service. For these reasons, Dreamscape prefers to work with WordPress websites.

Dreamscape Marketing Uses WP Engine® as Our Addiction Treatment Website Hosting Solution

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We have two dedicated servers that specialize in WordPress websites. As such, we know which tools work well with WordPress and what tools may allow spam and malware in. WP Engine® provides daily back-ups and constant security checks of your website. We strongly believe that WordPress offers the best options for addiction treatment website hosting.

With WP Engine®, we can activate a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that enables your website to load images separately from the content. Doing this increases the load speed tremendously, which is one of the factors that Google looks for in its ranking algorithm. WP Engine® also has a Secured Socket Location certificate (SSL). This adds an extra level of security that Google wants to see on websites. The way to determine if a website has an SSL is to see if the domain URL begins with “https,” as compared to a non-SSL-certified site that will only be “http.”

What to Look For in an Addiction Treatment Website Hosting Service

When you create a website for your drug rehab or addiction treatment center, it’s important to note that HIPAA-sensitive information can be passed through your online portal. When a potential client or a loved one submits personal information through your site, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure that that information is not able to be found by any bad actors on the world wide web. In addition, you want to ensure that your site will be reliably up and accessible for any potential clients seeking your services.

With all of this in mind, you need to ensure that your hosting service is secure and reliable above all else. WP Engine® provides this reliability and security, with add-ons to enhance these features, including HIPAA compliance features. Having the support of a larger infrastructure minimizes downtime and ensures that your site can handle large traffic loads.

Having a secure, reliable site with quick load times is an underlying basis for positive addiction treatment website SEO.

Addiction Treatment Website Hosting at Dreamscape Marketing

You have a variety of options for addiction treatment website hosting. Of course, hosting your website with Dreamscape Marketing is essentially worry-free. We take care of all of the technical concerns so that your website runs smoothly and performs at its best.

At Dreamscape, we aim to make the addiction treatment website hosting process as simple as possible. Let us deal with it so you can get back to running your treatment center. For more information on WordPress hosting, reach out to the Dream Team at 888.307.7304.