Dental Practice Marketing.

Beyond the Logo

Operating a successful dental practice requires skills outside of dentistry. And marketing your dental practice requires yet another skill set. In both solo and partnered practices, dental branding strategy affects people’s opinions of your business. In recent years there has been a shift in the way patients evaluate and connect with dental providers. In order to attract potential patients to your dental practice and motivate them to choose your office for treatment, a well-established brand identity completes the package.

Modern Brand, Modern Dentist

Patients trust dentists to make permanent changes to their appearances. Creating a powerful brand indicates technical prowess and modern approaches to treatment. Claiming to use the most innovative and modern dental equipment may have been effective a decade ago, but today’s skeptical audiences aren’t buying it. Being able to communicate a message without verbalizing it is essential.

Our dental content strategy team is fluent in Google. We understand the psychology of user experience (UX) and can apply that knowledge to help with the following:

  • Generating Brand Resonance
  • Graphic Design & Formatting
  • Color Theory and Semiotics
  • Developing Quality Content
  • Boosting Your Reputation
  • Building Discoverability

Tell Them Without Telling Them

Your dental practice’s branding strategy involves more than just a name, logo, font, print material, etc. It also involves a composite blueprint of the exact image you want to convey. Developing an effective brand identity will make people feel at home before they even walk into your office. Is your website’s main navigation menu optimized for easy use? Are you using the keywords that your ever-more-modern audience is searching? Brands that can position themselves as organic and essential members of a community can lay the foundation for loyalty. A person looking for a dentist has liberal options to choose from. If they should choose yours, tell them. Without, you know, telling them.

Dreamscape Marketing’s experienced and talented dental branding team will help you tell the story of your dental practice in a way that strongly resonates with both existing and potential patients. We’ll work closely with you to develop your brand identity and effectively project your message to prospective patients.

Developing your dental brand is an exciting part of your marketing campaign. Some of the ways we’ll help shape your image include the following:

  • Professional logo design
  • Taglines that will cement your brand in the patient’s mind
  • The naming of services — stand apart from the competition by uniquely defining your dental services
  • Message focus
  • Illuminate key differences between you and similar GP or specialists’ offices in your area

Who are you? What kind of service mix does your practice provide? Why should patients choose you rather than another dental practice? Dreamscape Marketing helps you answer these questions with a systematic, proven branding process.

We’ll identify your practice’s leverage points and integrate them with your brand. For example, are you board certified? Is your location convenient? Do you offer popular services like professional whitening and cosmetic dentistry? Do you offer the latest leading-edge dental technology? Whatever your advantages, they will be highlighted. Your brand will be communicated clearly to existing and potential patients, letting them know that your office stands apart from other practices. Dreamscape Marketing will work with you to solidify your brand, creating a compelling message that lets patients know who you are as well as what they can expect from your practice.

Developing Your Brand’s Identity

Dreamscape Marketing will start your dental campaign with a dental branding audit. This is a critical first step for determining how your GP or specialty practice is viewed. This helps us define a clear picture of the current status of your brand as well as where it needs to go. This “brand-storming” process produces a wealth of ideas and results in a clear awareness of your brand. We’ll kick off this process with our branding questionnaire. Here are a few of the points you can expect to see covered:

  • The goal of Brand Development
  • List of Unique Selling Points
  • Business Mission Statement
  • Misconceptions & Fears Concerning the Dental Industry
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Identifying Target Markets
  • How the Brand Eases Misconceptions & Fears
  • Your Visual Identity

Important stages of the Messaging & Branding Process include the following:

  • Face-to-face interviews with department heads
  • State-of-the-brand analysis
  • Your brand’s promise statement
  • Analysis of key differentiators

Trust the Brand Experts at Dreamscape Marketing

High-quality dentistry branding can set you apart from your competition. From logo design to determining the voice of your dental content, we can help. If you’re struggling with your brand identity, then reach out to the Dream Team at 888.307.7304 today.