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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the sum of the strategies and best practices that allow the websites of our clients to rank well on Google and other search engines. Appearing in search results for relevant keywords is vital for companies in the ever-changing digital landscape. As algorithms update, our digital marketing experts will adjust SEO strategy to ensure that your website captures the traffic it deserves.

What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) ads appear at the top of the results page for certain searches. Companies pay a fee for each click that their ads receive. PPC campaigns are a way of essentially purchasing traffic to your site and can complement the SEO strategies that drive organic traffic.

What is the difference between technical SEO and on-page SEO?

On-page SEO involves capitalizing on the aspects of a web page that can be optimized to increase traffic. These elements are selected with the search engine algorithm – the “bots” – in mind and as such allow sites to be better matched with user searches. Technical or “off-page” SEO involves configuring the technical aspects of a site to allow them to rank well. Aspects of technical SEO include improving page-load speed, ensuring that the site is easy to crawl, and including useful links. At Dreamscape, we specialize in both on-page and technical SEO.

What is content’s role in digital marketing?

Engaging, informative content in the form of landing pages, blog posts, infographics, and social media posts will demonstrate your site’s authority on a given subject. Not only will keyword-rich, high-quality content drive traffic to your site, but it will keep potential leads on your site for longer. Content marketing can help you reach the right audience and is part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.