Non-Profit Organization Marketing.

Despite the popularity of email and the internet, phone calls are still one of the most efficient and concise ways that people get information. When you get calls to your non-profit organization, it’s important to understand where these individuals are calling from, why they’re calling, and how you can turn those calls into conversions. Dreamscape Marketing’s non-profit call tracking software can help you grow your organization.

What Is Non-Profit Call Tracking Software?

When you want to find the phone number for an organization, where do you look? Often, Googling the organization’s name will give you a phone number. You may also find it directly on their website, on a business card, in a pamphlet, or even hear it on the radio. When individuals call our clients, we often know exactly which of these sources they called from. How is that?

At Dreamscape Marketing, we use a non-profit call tracking software called CallTrackingMetrics. One of this software’s key features is its ability to maintain a range of phone numbers that all forward to the same place. Why do we want this? So we know which of our client’s strategies is resulting in the most phone calls.

For example, a client’s website, Facebook page, and flyer may all have different phone numbers. Through CallTrackingMetrics, we can see which phone number an individual used to call the organization. This gives us insight into which strategies are working the best. This way, we can understand how people find your organization and tailor your plan to meet those needs.

Like Caller ID… Times 1,000

In addition to tracking where individuals are calling from, CallTrackingMetrics also gives information about where the individual is calling from, when they call, and a recording of the call. This invaluable information lets us know how to tweak our geotargeting strategy.

Additionally, this non-profit dashboarding software also benefits your company morale and personal objectives. By having recordings of your calls, you can better understand how your organization interacts with donors and volunteers and how you can better train your team. These recordings give you quality assurance and then provide us with the information we need to promote your non-profit organization.

Begin Working with Non-Profit Dashboarding Software Today

If dashboarding software sounds like something your organization needs, then contact Dreamscape Marketing today. Our team is comprised of experts in the world of non-profit call tracking software, allowing us to interpret data from CallTrackingMetrics and develop strategies that work in your favor. Furthermore, accurate non-profit dashboarding software data will enable us to monitor the success and growth of your organization’s campaign, so we can keep you up-to-date on all the latest changes and prospects.

In addition to our non-profit dashboarding software, we also offer non-profit marketing services such as:

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