Our People. Your Healthcare Marketing Dream Team.

Connecting with people starts with people. At Dreamscape Marketing, we invest in and support the brightest talent in the healthcare marketing industry. We invite you to take a moment to learn about the people leading 70+ healthcare digital marketing experts across eight specialized teams who work as one, towards your organization’s marketing goals. 

Meet the Ones Who Get It Done.

Dan Gemp


Kevin Plumlee


Jenna Ailshie

Director of
Account Services

Cory Anotado


Dr. Emily Bielen

Director of

Brad Bittner

Vice President,

Danny Felici

Search and Analytics

Dave Grauel

Executive Director
of Marketing 

Glenn Hadley

SVP of

Pak Lee

Pak Lee

VP of Innovation
and Technology 

Dr. Bradford Masoni

Content Services

Mariela Aguilar

Mariela Aguilar

of Paid Media 

A Healthcare Marketing Network of Agencies Delivering a Single, Efficient, Integrated Client Solution.

Our digital Dream Team is further supported and amplified by the healthcare marketing leaders across our family of agencies. The healthcare focused capabilities of SPM Marketing, GLC, and Centretek further dovetail the niche expertise, insights, and creativity of 200 brand, media, and content specialists to engage with your customers throughout their entire health journey.  

Amanda Seaford


Bill Tourlas

Chief Growth Officer

Dan Miers

Chief Healthcare Strategist

Laura Roberts

Chief Client Officer

Joel Wilcoxen


Megan Lynch

Human Resources

Meaningful communications don’t just pop out of thin air—they take serious capabilities. From strategy and insights to creative, content, digital, and media, the SPM Group of agencies is all hands on deck, collaborating across disciplines, channels, and offices to deliver everything clients need today and tomorrow. 

We help connect people and health brands.  

  • Brand, Content, and Strategic Communication 
  • Targeted, Multi-Channel Media 
  • Digital, Website, and Experience Integration 
  • Search, Lead Generation, and Results Optimization 

Dan Gemp


Dan Gemp is the president of Dreamscape Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Columbia, MD serving the healthcare industry. Since 2005, he has made it the company’s mission to provide executive-level decision makers with a trusted strategic partner in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns that achieve their business development goals. 

Through a combination of healthcare industry experience, ethical marketing standards, transparent client communication, and relentless technical improvement, his team of digital marketing strategists, developers, designers, and writers deliver industry-leading custom-tailored website development, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, and marketing to provide their clients a complete digital presence that develops new revenue streams, increases brand awareness, improves lead development systems, and drives direct sales activation. 

A graduate of Villanova University’s School of Business, Dan applies financial modeling to Dreamscape’s business intelligence campaigns to advise clients on a cost-per-action marketing model. Dan maintains a consultative focus on extremely efficient and proprietary SEO techniques focused on ROI. 

A nationally recognized speaker on ethical healthcare marketing, Dan maintains a year-round speaking schedule, forecasting digital marketing trends and delivering strategies to capitalize on them. His unique perspective at the intersection of business, digital marketing, and healthcare has positioned him as a thought leader and go-to contributor to many healthcare podcasts, webinars, and publications, including Bloomberg and The New York Times. 

Kevin Plumlee

Managing Director

Kevin has spent nearly 20 years in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, working on thousands of marketing campaigns, website builds, and software integrations. As Dreamscape Marketing’s managing director, he’s an outside-the-box thinker who knows how to improve existing technology as well as adapt to new technology in order to create the best possible results for Dreamscape Marketing clients. He also uses his extensive knowledge of technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all Dreamscape Marketing departments. 

A strong believer and advocate of data-driven performance, Kevin serves an essential role in the company’s planning and development. Using his skills to see the entire picture across different technologies, he manages the day-to-day operations of robust websites with an emphasis on responsive website design, search engine optimization, content creation, and social media.  

Kevin possesses the unique ability to communicate effectively with others who are less knowledgeable about technology. Through his deep understanding of client needs, he can expertly translate an organization’s business objectives into reality, building new websites and enhancing existing websites while tracking data-driven outcomes at all times. He is firmly committed to managing costs and increasing revenues for clients and partners. 

Jenna Ailshie

Manager of Account Services

As the account services manager at Dreamscape Marketing, Jenna leads and oversees a team of account managers and account analysts. Driven by data and proven results, Jenna enjoys overseeing and implementing new SEO strategies in order to exceed client goals and expectations. From building websites from the ground up to overhauling sites that were not at their full SEO potential, Jenna thrives off of being a part of each client’s success story. 

In her previous roles at Dreamscape, Jenna was a certified digital account analyst and a certified digital account manager. In those roles, she gained firsthand experience in data analytics and managed multiple successful SEO campaigns. She has over 10 years of experience in project management across multiple industries and is continuously working to build new relationships and help businesses grow.

When she is not working, you can find her hanging out with her two golden retriever puppies, Charlie and Stanley, or watching a Washington Capitals hockey game.

Cory Anotado

Creative Director

Cory Anotado leads Dreamscape Marketing’s design team of web and graphic designers. Cory draws inspiration from the latest design trends while keeping the modern user experience and industry standards in mind. From clients who have an idea on a notepad they want to bring to fruition to established companies looking for updated branding, Cory’s expertise brings client visions to life. 

Whether our clients are in need of expansive custom websites, billboards, trade show displays, or social media posts, Cory and his team of world-class designers are ready to meet any challenge. With an eye on the future of web design and the quickly changing landscape of digital marketing, Cory brings a fresh perspective to every project.

Cory’s began his career designing online flash games for MTV, and in the years since, his passion for all things game-related has only grown. Whether he’s creating and designing board games, keeping up his industry-leading blog on game show news, or appearing as an expert in publications such as Bloomberg and The New York Times, Cory’s infectious enthusiasm shines through. In his spare time, Cory is a game show aficionado, journalist, and often, a contestant—most recently competing on Jeopardy!. 

Dr. Emily Bielen

Director of Operations

Dr. Emily Bielen is the director of operations for Dreamscape Marketing. Prior to her start at Dreamscape, she was the head of marketing and program management for global industry leaders in behavioral healthcare. In this role, she set the local and international marketing strategies that merged a company’s brand with its commitment to the evolution of engagement-driven service. Her responsibilities have included brand marketing, business development, and digital lead acquisition. She continuously works collaboratively within companies to develop creative sales and marketing strategies that increase sales, brand value, and differentiation.

Emily got started in marketing and business strategy in New York City in the early 2000s on the human capital management side of a global investment bank. From there, Emily took her hunger for working alongside a brand and its assets to build value and recognition across markets. Emily designs lead acquisition strategies through digital ecosystems and human capital infrastructure and provides leadership to individuals and organizations striving for maximum return. 

Emily holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Sedona. Prior to attending Columbia University’s School of Social Work in New York City, she graduated from New York University with her B.A. in metropolitan studies. Emily has lived and worked in New York City, Connecticut, London, and Newport Beach, California. She currently lives with her four beautiful children and devotes her everyday work to her calling to elevate the consciousness of our world.

Brad Bittner

Vice President, Finance

Brad Bittner is the VP of Finance at Dreamscape Marketing and serves as one of the executive leadership team members. Brad is responsible for overseeing the accounting, financial planning/analysis, treasury, business support and HR & benefits administration for the company. Brad’s enjoys incorporating business solutions that mesh the desired functions and needs while capturing the highest value of return on investment creating ultimate effectiveness and efficiency for the organization.

Brad has over 15 years of experience in both working and managing the finance and administration activities of small businesses. Before joining Dreamscape, Brad was Director of Finance & Administration at Levin Group who grew into one of the largest dental consulting firms in North America.

Brad earned an MBA from University Maryland University College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (double major Accounting & Finance) from Coastal Carolina University. 

Dave Grauel

Executive Director of Marketing

As a 20+ year creative professional, Dave’s career has included experience in both agency and internal marketing departments serving in the roles of graphic designer, creative lead, marketing department manager, and director of marketing across verticals from small family-owned businesses to healthcare marketing, safety engineering, digital marketing, and international relations.

Currently reporting to the CEO of Dreamscape Marketing as the executive director of marketing, Dave oversees the creation, implementation, and results of the agency’s annual marketing plan with a direct eye on meeting the organization’s overall growth plan. Working across all healthcare verticals with a direct focus on senior living, he provides the company and its leadership with an omnimedia plan of marketing opportunities and deliverables that showcase its best-in-class team as the leading provider of performance websites and digital marketing services in healthcare.

No matter the industry Dave has worked in, he has held to the truth that the foundation of successful marketing is the ability to tell a good story. All marketing is making a human-to-human connection at the intersection of a brand’s “why and what” and a customer’s “how.” Building from that unique story of value and differentiation is what makes marketing strategies click.

Hailing from Annapolis, MD, Dave loves all things related to Baltimore sports, cooking, photography, being on the water, and traveling. Currently, Dave, his wife Heidi, and their five kids are using the opportunity of the remote work environment to take an extended RV trip around the country. 

Glenn Hadley

Senior Vice President, Strategy

Glenn Hadley is the senior vice president of strategy for Dreamscape Marketing. Having spent years working nationally to revitalize behavioral healthcare conferences and pioneering the virtual trade show platform, Glenn wanted to get back to his core goal of helping people break through personally and professionally. He brings a unique, broad, and informed perspective of the healthcare profession to Dreamscape Marketing.  

Nationally, Glenn is heading the development of new professional business relationships in hopes of bringing healing to new markets. As a former professional tennis player, coach, and director, Glenn brings a wealth of knowledge in team-building and community organization to the behavioral healthcare industry. Additionally, his personal journey into recovery, both emotional and physical, is inspiring and continues to spread hope wherever he speaks. Glenn is also the host of “Perspective Matters: This Week in Behavioral Healthcare,” an online talk show that highlights and interviews experts in the field. 

“All across the country, we have amazing programs equipping people with [the] tools they need to break through physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But so often, people stop at the starting line. We don’t get into this way of living to sit at home and simply survive. We want to thrive! Remember: Life is messy. Let’s go make a mess!”
– Glenn Hadley 

Dr. Bradford Masoni

Content Services Manager

As content services manager, Bradford ensures that all written content is engaging, informative, and in line with SEO best practice. He and his team work closely with the SEO team to ensure that each page Dreamscape Marketing produces is up to our rigorous internal standards and adds value to our clients’ sites. Bradford’s attention to detail and commitment to turning client vision into user-friendly written content help make our sites not only stand out, but soar to the top of search results. 

A transplant from academia, Bradford holds degrees from the University of Chicago and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where he received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 2017. He has worked in Chicago, New York City, Rome, Shanghai, Rotterdam, and most recently, Hong Kong, where he served as an editor and curriculum developer for a textbook publisher before returning to the U.S. and moving into the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Now in his fourth year at Dreamscape, Bradford has worked as an on-page SEO copywriter, content specialist, and editorial manager before moving into his current role.  

Bradford is the author most recently of the academic work Pirandello Proto-Modernist: A New Reading of L’esclusa (Peter Lang International 2019), and his translation of Luigi Pirandello’s novel The Outcast from Italian is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press (August 2023). He and his family currently live in Minnesota, where when he is not reading, writing, and editing he spends his days playing music, cooking, and exploring the Great North with his rescue dogs Tina Turner and Ignatius J. Reilly.  

Katie Murphy

Senior Director of Paid Media

As the senior director of paid media at Dreamscape Marketing, Katie leads a team of PPC managers and account analysts. Driven by data and proven results, Katie enjoys building long-tailed strategies for our clients’ Google Ads campaigns that are focused on best practices and designed to exceed performance expectations.

Katie has worked in PPC for over 13 years and has found enormous success running campaigns in highly competitive industries and for Fortune 500 clients who rely mainly on e-commerce and lead generation. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in journalism, she began her first job in marketing in NYC and soon fell in love with PPC. Over the past decade, she’s had a front-row seat as the channel has grown and changed. Most recently, Katie has turned her attention to the healthcare and addiction treatment industries and is passionate about helping clients and their audiences.

When she is not working, you can find her playing with her chocolate lab Kobe and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat.