Elective Medical Practice PPC Campaign can increase the frequency at which your website appears as a sponsored result

elective medical practice ppc campaign team strategizingSearch engines such as Google offer ad space right at the top of the first search engine results page (known in the biz as a SERP). These ads appear above the top organic search results and are the first things seen on those pages by search users. Running a pay per click campaign for your elective medical practice can help you not only get in front of more of your target audience’s eyeballs, but also get them to click through to your site and convert into actual business.

Enhancing your search results with PPC is an effective way to diversify your internet marketing campaign. Unlike organic search results, you’re able to have more control over the messaging that users see when they search specific keywords, and have a better chance at providing eye-catching content for them to interact with. Businesses who take advantage of PPC campaigns can also see a boost in their organic search results, as more traffic to your site and more engagement with your content will lead to more positive ranking signals to search engines. Dreamscape Marketing has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has a wealth of experience in using paid campaigns to help with organic results. We’ll ensure that your website appears in searches based on the most relevant keywords pertaining to your industry.

Elective Medical Practice Pay Per Click is only part of an online marketing strategy.

The aggressive bid structure of Google Ads has steadily increased the cost of PPC. Since it’s essentially an auction system, rapidly growing business sectors have experienced a 2–3% increase in monthly costs for the same traffic. Though PPC is an effective ad strategy, it can’t stand alone as a digital strategy, and needs to be supplemented with organic optimization efforts. While the organic strategy is ramping up, however, PPC is an excellent supplement to business development during the initial stages when you need quick results. PPC becomes less important once the SEO campaign starts to produce results, but it’s still important to maintain a presence to keep traffic and conversions. After about three to six months, organic results may start to outperform the paid campaign. At Dreamscape, we’ve fine tuned our landing pages, ad copy, and keyword research process during our 15+ years of experience working with a broad range of businesses. We know how to create high-converting ads and target hyper-localized markets.

Generally speaking, PPC is a more expensive cost per lead — but when executed well, there are cost-efficiencies that can come with having a highly optimized campaign, and there are benefits to your organic strategy in running a concurrent paid campaign.

Quality Score, AdRank and Cost Efficiencies for Your Elective Medical Practice PPC Campaign

To understand more about cost efficiencies that come with a highly optimized PPC campaign for your elective medical business, it’s important to understand Quality Score and AdRank. Quality score is a score that is assigned to a particular ad based on the ad group containing relevant keywords, the ads within that group also containing those keywords, and those same keywords being present on landing pages that the ads are pointing to. We operate all of our campaigns in a streamlined fashion where each ad group is broken out by relevant keywords, ads, and landing pages, which helps to increase click-through and conversion rates, all of which boost Quality Score.

To determine AdRank, Google multiplies your bid for a particular keyword by the Quality Score assigned to that keyword (based on the factors above). With a high AdRank, you can decrease your bids for keywords, but still rank in the top 3 ad spots within a SERP and drive down the overall cost per conversion, and the cost for the campaign.

The team at Dreamscape has a wealth of experience specifically managing elective medical practice PPC campaigns, and generally knows what keywords we want to hone in on, and how to write the most effective ads and landing pages to ensure high click-through and conversion rates.

Learn More About Elective Medical Practice Pay Per Click Services at Dreamscape

Running a PPC campaign for your elective medical practice will quickly generate calls and interest from potential customers if done correctly. However, many people try to go at this alone without professional help. At Dreamscape, our team has the training and experience to ensure we reach your ideal target customers more effectively, with the right messaging to get them clicking through to your site and converting into qualified leads

Elective medical practice Pay Per Click can take your business to the next level with an online advantage over your competitors. Moreover, we offer further services such as media production and website design. For more information about our services, contact Dreamscape today at 877-958-9180.