The right photo & video content will turn website visitors into residents.

Any competent web page should have attention-grabbing photos. It is important for your senior living community to invest in media production of the highest quality. Dreamscape Marketing provides many resources for your senior living community on a digital platform. Website design of all varieties requires quality content—make it photo and video with Dreamscape Marketing.


Pictures convey meaning and emotion faster than text. Quality photos create a positive first impression of your senior living community. Visitors to your site are instantly beginning to form an opinion of your community, making mental notes based on what they see. In fact, photography grabs the viewer’s attention and showcases the positive elements of your community.

Dreamscape Marketing’s professional photography ensures the following:

  • Photographs on your site are unique as well as appropriate
  • Visually stunning photos provide an inside look at your community
  • Images of happy, healthy seniors drive admissions
  • Visual examples of the community help seniors visualize themselves there
  • Unique aspects of your senior living community are highlighted
  • Drone photography provides a striking bird’s-eye view of your community
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s professional photographers can also travel to your community for photoshoots
  • Photos are placed strategically, providing a consistent visitor experience

The media production team at Dreamscape Marketing wants to turn the photos on your webpage into admissions for your senior living community. 


Video content transports the viewer to another time and place. Dreamscape Marketing will make sure that the videos on your site show seniors that your community is the right one for them. Shareable videos help leverage social media, encouraging potential residents to engage. When visitors view the digital media production on your website, they’ll know that you run a high-quality community that is within their reach.

The right videos can complement your content and be the highest-converting asset on your site. Dreamscape Marketing videography offers much more than you might expect:

  • Share resident referrals right on your site that showcase vibrant, happy seniors
  • Develop familiarity by introducing staff members
  • Show potential new residents that your community welcomes them
  • Spotlight the positive environment you’ve created
  • Drone video tour shows your community from impressive angles
  • Realistic 3D tours
  • Videography team can provide storyboards as well as interview questions
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s experienced video team can also travel to film your community
  • Multiple video package options to choose from

360-Degree Virtual Reality Tour

Dreamscape Marketing offers state-of-the-art technology with its virtual reality tour. With our patented 360° content player and platform, Dreamscape Marketing delivers an immersive virtual reality tour experience for your senior living community, complete with full surround video production. Dreamscape Marketing’s digital media team wants to show families where their loved ones will be spending the majority of their time.

Adding a 360° interactive video tour will be sure to increase engagement and build upon customer relationship management. Inquire about virtual reality tours at Dreamscape Marketing today.

Senior Living Media Production from Dreamscape

Your admissions could increase substantially with the utilization of our digital marketing team. Whether it is starting a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign or building upon your customer relationship management, Dreamscape Marketing has you covered.

Dreamscape Marketing can use digital media production to revamp your brand and portray your community in a new light. In fact, these elements regularly improve engagement and boost conversions for our clients. To learn more about our senior living media production options, give us a call today at (877) 958-9180.