Addiction Treatment Marketing.

Addiction Treatment Call Tracking Software

If your addiction treatment center isn’t seeing the conversions you want, it’s worthwhile to look into your phone calls. Calls with potential clients offer a wealth of information that many organizations leave untapped. However, with addiction treatment call tracking software, you can harness that information to get more clients in the door. Dreamscape Marketing services for addiction treatment marketing can set you up with addiction treatment dashboarding software that can help you do just that.

Take Control of Your Data

Addiction treatment call tracking software can tell you a lot about your potential leads. For example, call tracking software allows you to see where in the world your calls are coming from. This gives you more information about whether your geotargeted SEO initiatives are working (or not working). Then, you can more accurately target your efforts to achieve your conversion goals.

At Dreamscape Marketing, we use CallTrackingMetrics to set up our clients for success. This dashboarding software gives you access to a breadth of information about your callers, including which ad caused them to call, which pages they viewed on your site, and if they’ve ever called before. With all of this data at your disposal, you can refine your marketing efforts to find the qualified leads you’re looking for.

Keep Track of Successes and Take Action on Failures

As an addiction treatment call tracking software, CallTrackingMetrics also records your calls so that you can go back and review them. Listening to recorded calls allows you to find out what successful calls have in common. Then, you can reinforce these elements with your team.

Alternatively, looking back and taking note of what your team can improve on can also create a fantastic training opportunity. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can update call processes immediately and start seeing a positive change right away.

Find Out What’s Working and What’s Not

Knowing where to target your marketing efforts can be a challenge. However, addiction treatment call tracking software can give you the data you need to make these tough decisions. Through your addiction treatment dashboarding software, you can see whether the person calling found you through organic or paid search or through more traditional marketing tools like a print advertisement. Then, if one of these areas is underperforming, you can decide to switch up your strategy or reallocate those resources.

Of course, the onus isn’t just on you to make these decisions. Our business intelligence team will be with you every step of the way, offering our marketing expertise. We can help you break down the numbers and understand what your best course of action is. Then, we’ll guide you through implementing the new plan.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business with Addiction Treatment Call Tracking Software

Addiction treatment call tracking software is one of the easiest ways to take stock of the health of your marketing efforts and work to increase conversions. With CallTrackingMetrics and the help of the experts at Dreamscape Marketing, you can refine your marketing efforts and get the results you want. Give Dreamscape a call at 888.307.7304 today.