Dreamscape Programmatic Display Advertising Platform

What is programmatic display advertising? Programmatic display advertising is the use of AI-driven computer software and content relevancy platforms (as opposed to manual human bidding) known as “MarTech” to automatically bid on website display advertising or content marketing opportunities, in real-time, for a targeted audience.

The millisecond long auction process takes place as a visitor enters a web page that has advertising impressions available for purchase. Because all interested bidders’ preferences are established, the display ad marketplace can instantaneously conduct an auction between all interested advertisers, where the highest bidder wins, and their ad is displayed to the viewer, as the page load completes. This “programmatic” marketing approach to display advertising serves ads highly relevant to the topic a web user is already reading content about.

Dreamscape Marketing’s programmatic advertising display solutions leverage the artificial intelligence and machine learning of industry-leading platforms such as Choozle, Taboola, Simpli.fi, and Outbrain to deliver our clients a digital advertising campaign strategy that is optimized, targeted, transparent, efficient, and most importantly… effective.

Dreamscape Programmatic Display Advertising Platform

Dreamscape Programmatic Display Advertising Benefits

  • Highly targeted based on relevant content
  • Buy without pre-negotiation
  • Pay only for the impressions received
  • Flexible impression and budget control
  • Access to multiple vendors
  • Reduced costs

MarTech: Programmatic Display Advertising Made Easy‎

When the Dreamscape MarTech campaign management team combines our industry-leading ad placement platforms, and strategically designs display ad content, your marketing message reaches the optimal audience and establishes a highly valuable sales funnel.

Built to dynamically adjust for desktop, tablet, and mobile placement, optimized with strong calls to action and contextual marketing assets, and programmed to display based on content relevancy criteria, your marketing message quickly builds brand awareness, increases customer retention, expands customer touchpoints, and encourages higher conversion rates.

Dreamscape’s Programmatic Display Advertising Channel Options

Dreamscape’s programmatic display advertising solution can purchase ads across a wide range of digital channels, including display, mobile, video, social, and OTT streaming services (eg: Hulu, Netflix), as well as traditional channels that offer digital options such as mass-transit ads, shopping malls displays, and billboards.

For an in-depth review of your digital marketing strategy with a Dreamscape digital marketing strategist, and to learn how our Dreamscape’s MarTech and programmatic solutions can help you reach your marketing automation and targeting goals, call us today at 888.307.7304.