In today’s market, it takes more than just a well-designed website to rank on Google. In 2015, Google released a new update regarding their mobile friendly algorithm that gave a boost to mobile rankings for those with a mobile friendly website. If you don’t have a proper mobile website design, you could be missing out on potential web traffic and conversions.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

Search Engine Land continues to report that mobile traffic is higher than the traffic coming from desktop users. Now more than ever, people are using their phones and tablets to search the internet. There’s no better than time than now to implement a mobile website design. Without a mobile friendly website, users will leave your site to search elsewhere for information.

Options in Mobile Website Design

Your mobile site will allow a user to interact differently than they would on a normal desktop browser. Before you create a site that’s mobile friendly, you must consider how it will look on a desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

A responsive site will have the same CSS and HTML as your traditional site and use media queries to keep it the same on all devices. A dynamic serving site will implement a different HTML for the server to respond to. The last option is to create a completely different HTML site for only mobile devices.

Benefitting from Mobile Web Design

Multiple areas benefit from implementing a mobile friendly design for your site. These include:

Time on Site

The average consumer and mobile user want information quickly and effectively. If they can’t find what they need within a small window of time, they won’t hesitate to move elsewhere. A mobile friendly website will catch the attention of the user quickly, which leads to more time spent on your site.

Website Speed

A mobile website design uses a code specifically for mobile devices. This code allows the site to load quickly for the user. Sites without a mobile design tend to load slowly, and sometimes not at all. A slow site means less time spent on a site and less traffic overall.

User Experience

User experience is a key component to any successful website. A user who visits a site with easy navigation and quick loading time is more likely to convert into a customer. Websites with error messages, poor layout, and confusing navigation will struggle to drive conversions.

Mobile SEO

Google runs the SEO world. If Google says they need something new from a site, many businesses will make the necessary adjustments. Ignoring SEO means ignoring the word of Google, which can make ranking near impossible. A mobile friendly site will help boost SEO rankings, making your page more visible to users. Pairing mobile SEO with a search engine optimization campaign can give your business its best chance at ranking.

Mobile Website Design through Dreamscape Marketing

While smart business owners understand the importance of a mobile friendly website, few have the ability to design their site. To get an edge on your competition and stay in the good graces of Google, turn to Dreamscape Marketing. Our award-winning design team can create a modern and effective mobile website design for your business. To learn more about our digital marketing services, call the Dream Team today at 877-958-9180.