The Right Photo & Video Content Turns Website Visitors into Clients

Mental health digital marketing involves more than just hosting your website and writing engaging content. As you consider your mental health treatment center media production needs, think about the following components that our mental health treatment center marketing agency services can provide you:


Photos convey meaning and emotions much faster than words. In addition, professional photos create a positive first impression of your facility. Visitors to your website are instantly beginning to form an opinion of your facility, making mental notes based on what they see. Mental health treatment center media production is designed to grab their attention and showcase the most visually attractive aspects of your facility.

For example, Dreamscape Marketing’s professional photography ensures that:

  • Photographs on your site are unique & appropriate
  • Dreamscape Marketing provides photos that relate to the mental health treatment industry
  • Visually dynamic photos provide an inside look at your facility
  • Photographic examples of the facility help prospective patients visualize themselves there
  • Unique aspects of your mental health treatment center are highlighted
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s professional photographers can travel to your facility for photo shoots
  • Photos are placed strategically, which provides for a consistently positive visitor experience


Mental Health Treatment Center Media ProductionMental health treatment center video content marketing reaches web viewers in a way that words and pictures simply can’t. As a result, we’ll make sure that all videos on your website showcase your facility in the most flattering light. Shareable videos are one of the biggest reasons to be on social media because they encourage viewers to engage. When visitors view professionally made videos on your website or on social media, they’ll know that you run a reputable, high-quality facility.

Effective videos are an important part of your mental health marketing efforts: they can be the highest converting asset on your website. That’s a good reason to make sure they’re done right. Dreamscape Marketing digital media production and videography can deliver what you need:

  • Share client referrals right on your site by showcasing patient success stories (with mental health procedures, this is especially important)
  • Develop familiarity by introducing staff
  • Show patients and family members that your facility welcomes them
  • Drone photography (as part of a drone video tour) shows your facility from visually stunning angles
  • Realistic 3D tours (360° Virtual Reality Tours)
  • Videography team can provide storyboards & interview questions
  • Dreamscape Marketing’s video team can travel to film your facility
  • Multiple video package options to choose from

Benefits of Mental Health Treatment Center Media Production

Mental health treatment center digital media production can contribute significantly to your online growth. When done correctly, these photos and videos tell prospective patients and their families who you are and what you stand for. A powerful video can be the single greatest factor in getting viewers to pick up the phone and call your facility.

We offer a variety of other behavioral health marketing services for mental health treatment centers, including:

Without proper mental health treatment center media production, your facility may have difficulty gaining the trust of prospective patients and family members. For more information about Dreamscape Marketing media production services, including drone video shoots, contact us today at 888.307.7304.