What Is a Backlink?

When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s natural to devote much of your resources to on page SEO. However, your website’s on-page content is only part of the equation. Any SEO digital marketing agency will tell you that quality backlinks matter just as much—if not more. What is a backlink? Why is it important to participate in this search engine popularity contest?

What Is a Backlink?

What is a backlinkA backlink is simply a link on another website that points users back to your website. It’s a signal to users—and bots—that you know what you’re talking about.

Consider it a sign of authority. The backlink lives on a specific page talking about a specific subject, and somehow your backlink relates to both. Acquiring a backlink is a great way to increase your domain authority while enhancing your visibility in SERPs.

Are All Backlinks Created Equal?

When looking for ways to enhance your off page SEO strategy, the number of backlinks you acquire is important. However, don’t value quantity over quality. In Google’s eyes, 1,000 backlinks from low authority domains won’t move the needle as much as 50 backlinks from reputable, high-authority domains.

Building your backlink profile isn’t an overnight process. In fact, it’s better if it’s not. Artificially acquiring a ton of backlinks in a short period of time could be a red flag in Google’s eyes. In order to avoid penalization, leave it to ethical digital marketing experts who know how to build your backlink profile the right way.

Need Help with Off-Page SEO?

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