When people think of Search Engine Optimization, on page SEO factors are probably the first things that come to mind. However, if you’re only looking at your website on a domain level, you’re putting a cap on your potential digital growth. At Dreamscape Marketing, we know that off page SEO matters, too. Learn how we use off-site elements to maximize our client’s online visibility.

On Page vs Off Page SEO

Digital marketing professional who understands the importance of off page SEOBefore we dive into some of our best off page SEO practices, you need to understand the difference between on-site vs. off-site factors.

On page SEO involves anything directly on a page or domain level. In other words, how you write content, deploy URL structure, or set up redirects is completely under your control. For the most part, on page success—or failure—is completely in your hands.

Off page SEO is little trickier. As the name suggests, it involves elements outside of your website. While many factors influence off website SEO, here are some that we deal with often.


No matter your level of education, chances are you’ve had to write a term paper at some point. Within that paper, you had to present information and back it up with citations from trusted sources. Ultimately, the better the source, the stronger your argument.

When it comes to off page SEO, backlinks are your citations. In fact, at one point, “citations” were synonymous for backlinks. Similar to those sources you used in high school or college, the stronger the referring domain, the more value your backlink carries in the SERPs’ eyes.

“Quality” isn’t just a measure of the referring domain’s authority. Google also considers the link’s relevance regarding anchor text, the link’s destination, and whether or not your backlinks are diverse.

Social Media

If your organization has a social media site attached to it, you at least have a solid foundation for off page SEO. However, just having a social site isn’t enough. Similar to how you have to nurture your website, you have to optimize and manage your social media page correctly.

Let’s say you have a Facebook page. Is your location information correct and phone number correct? Are you posting regularly? Are you responding to reviews (yes, even the negative ones)? All of these aspects can make—or break—your website’s reputation.

Brand Visibility and Trust

If done correctly, the first two items—backlinks and social media—will fuel this last one. Whether it’s through positive online reviews, user engagement, or just being known for having a great product in general, you’ll begin to look good in the SERPs’ eyes.

Does Off Page SEO Baffle You? Leave It to the Experts

Want to increase your digital footprint but lack the knowledge, resources, or time? Let the experts at Dreamscape Marketing handle your on and off page SEO. Our award-winning digital marketing agency offers a variety of services, including:

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