2019 Called… It Wants Its Marketing Plan Back. The 2019 Marketing Data You Need to Clarify Your 2020 Vision

In his first groundbreaking webinar of 2020, nationally recognized healthcare marketing expert and Dreamscape Marketing CEO Dan Gemp will demonstrate the importance of using hindsight from 2019 to inform your 2020 marketing decisions. He will analyze key historical data points from the digital marketing channels used by addiction treatment centers, and demonstrate how changes in…

team discusses incredible marketing tips

Incredible Marketing Tips

Your marketing efforts may be good, but what can you do to make them incredible? With over 15 years of experience, Dreamscape works with a number of different organizations to strengthen branding, increase web traffic, and drive more conversions. Believe it or not, the process is more science than art. There are very specific steps…


Meet Dan Gemp at the Innovations in Recovery Conference 2020

The Innovations in Recovery Conference 2020 is the premier annual mental health disorders and process addiction treatment event. The IIR 2020 Conference is hosted at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA from April 6-9th. The Innovations in Recovery Conference 2020 aims to provide insights into the addiction recovery process from the patient’s point of…

team discusses small business seo tips

Small Business SEO Tips

In the last 10 years, Google has reigned supreme among internet search engines. As such, it’s become imperative that small businesses focus on search engine optimization, or SEO. With the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices, making sure your business is visible on the front page of search engines is a key to small…

woman wonders do i need dentist seo marketing

Do I Need Dentist SEO Marketing

Like many business owners, as a dentist, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to invest in SEO marketing for my dental practice?” The short answer is: Yes! Like any other small business, dentists can benefit from running an SEO marketing campaign as the average consumer routinely turns to Google and other search…


What Is Senior Community Marketing

Like any local business, senior communities need solid marketing efforts behind them. In this age of information, and given the various types of senior living communities that exist, it’s important that your website is reflective of the level of care that you provide to your residents, as well as the environment they can expect to…


Digital Marketing Trends For Drug Rehab

Marketing technology is continually evolving. Therefore, it makes sense to stay up to date with digital marketing trends for drug rehab centers. Failing to pay attention to what’s on the horizon is one sure way of falling behind your competitors in the addiction treatment space. The following are some of the more prominent marketing trends…


Why Marketing Fails for Dental Practices

Many businesses approach marketing with faulty assumptions based on conventional wisdom that is often anything but wise. And there’s no getting around the fact that dental practices do this as well. The reason why marketing fails for dental practices is usually that dentists don’t fully understand the big picture. Do you really want to know…