How to Level Up Your Wellness Branding Strategy

wellness branding

Demand for wellness products and services is experiencing a huge boom. Currently valued at $1.5 trillion, the wellness industry includes everything from sleep aid products and mindfulness services to fitness gyms and yoga practices.1 In this ever-growing market, your wellness practice needs to set itself apart. Wellness branding isn’t just about knowing why your practice is special, though. You’re also telling prospective clients why they should choose you over your competition. 

What is Wellness Branding? 

Your branding communicates your unique identity to the world. Say you run a meditation website. Are you sharing accessible, short meditations users can fit into their busy lives? Or are you hosting multi-day retreats and classes where experienced meditators can take their practice to the next level? 

While these are equally valid meditation practices, they have different audiences and unique values. With this in mind, the way you communicate with each audience also needs to be unique. Even if your meditation website offers various options, remember to prioritize your primary message and consider which audience you’re targeting with each piece of content. 

A great wellness brand strategy starts with a strong sense of who you are, what you value, and what your practice offers the world. Plus, with 86% of consumers preferring authenticity in branding, your branding should communicate to prospective clients exactly what they’ll experience.2 

Crafting Your Wellness Brand Identity 

Even if you’re full of vision for how your wellness practice can change the world, articulating your identity to your target audience can be a challenge. You may be excited about so many ideas your brand identity becomes scattered and disjointed. 

So when you’re crafting an identity, think back to what inspired you to start your wellness practice in the first place. Is there a problem you were trying to solve, or a need you realized you could fill? What is the mission of your practice and how do your products or services fulfill that mission?

Checking out some of your competitors is also helpful. They likely have different approaches, aesthetics, and mission statements than you do. So try identifying what exactly makes you stand out from your competitors. What do your clients experience at your practice that they can’t experience elsewhere? Focusing on your differentiators narrows down and defines your brand identity.

These insights create a wellness branding strategy and guide how you communicate your brand to your target audience. 

Creating Your Wellness Branding Strategy 

As you zero in on your core brand identity, the next step is to create a cohesive brand strategy with rules for how you present your practice. Aesthetics may sound like a small piece of the puzzle, but studies show that a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.3

Start by making a brand strategy guide to communicate your cohesive branding principles across your company. This guide should include: 

  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Voice and tone
  • Guidelines for messaging and communication
  • Tactics to establish your brand

Your brand strategy guide ensures anyone who works on your business materials or communication knows how to visually portray your identity to your potential clients. Thanks to this consistency, leads instantly recognize your brand from just your logo colors, or a sentence on social media. Make your practice easy to recognize, and your brand stays top of mind. 

Taking Wellness Branding to the Next Level 

Running a wellness practice is hard enough. It’s completely okay (and common!) to feel lost when figuring out what makes your practice unique. And don’t even begin to underestimate the challenge of creating designs and color palettes to express your identity. 

Interested in creating a wellness branding strategy that makes your practice stand out from the competition and connect with new clients? Dreamscape Marketing can help. Schedule a strategy session with us by calling 888.307.7304.



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