4 Wellness Website Design Power Moves to Convert More Leads

wellness website design

Wellness website design is a key aspect of your digital footprint. In the virtual world, your site is your calling card. 

What is your site saying about your wellness practice?

Your website makes a significant first impression on prospective clients. Most visitors judge the visual aspect of your site in just 50 milliseconds—half the time it takes you to blink.1 And that split-second judgment determines whether they stay long enough to learn more or bounce to a competitor.

Everything You Need to Know About Wellness Website Design

In the ever-growing wellness sector, you can’t afford to lose leads. Once you invest the time and effort to get a visitor onto your site, you have to then entice them to browse and learn more. This first impression is a make-or-break moment, and few wellness providers truly understand the value of a properly designed website. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Design for Mobile First

If you’re a seasoned marketer, this advice isn’t new. Considering how much time we spend on our phones, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that nearly 60% of online traffic originates from smart devices.2

But few realize how important mobile traffic is for your web design. Google analyzes your site’s mobile version before anything else. The content on your mobile wellness site, not your desktop site, is how Google determines your ranking in the search results.

So focus on designing your site for mobile-use first and desktops second. A mobile-first approach vastly improves your search engine optimization (SEO) while appealing to user preferences.

2. Answer Top Questions

One of the reasons prospective clients visit your website before calling is to learn the answers to their questions. They know they can call, but for many finding the information online is far simpler, much quicker, and sometimes less embarrassing.

Evaluate whether or not your wellness website design meets your leads’ expectations by answering:

  • What services does your practice provide?
  • Who are your practitioners and what are their credentials?
  • What does your practice look like?
  • What amenities does your practice have?
  • How do clients benefit from your products and services?
  • How can clients contact your practice?
  • What are your practice’s values?

These top questions and answers should be readily available and easy to find for any client visiting your website. Remember, visitors who don’t find what they’re looking for won’t hesitate to click away. 

3. Visuals are Important

The content on your site is important, but visuals engage users faster than words. A lead’s impression of your practice directly reflects your site’s layout and the images and videos you share.

Start by keeping your site clean and easy to navigate with a straightforward menu and self-explanatory links. If leads feel your site is messy and difficult, they’ll assume the same of your practice.

Featuring at least one image or video per page captures the user’s eye and helps you draw their attention where you want it. High-quality photos of your practice also give leads a realistic impression of what they can expect when they visit. 

Your site’s aesthetic should match your brand’s values and feel. This creates a consistent experience whenever leads interact with your brand. Including calm colors like greens and blues in your wellness website design helps visitors feel at ease while browsing your content.

4. Provide Online Tools

Users expect a lot from your website, and the successful wellness practice delivers. In addition to quality content, give your leads online tools to make an appointment, talk to a professional, or simply sign up for news and promotions.

At the very least, include a contact form on your site. Contact forms allow you to collect essential user data and grow subscriber lists for your newsletter. An online booking feature is also quite practical since 67% of people prefer the ease of online booking.3

Take these tools to the next level by including a chatbot on your site. These AI-powered assistants answer basic questions, provide more information about your practice, and help clients make appointments.

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