One Effective Dental Practice Marketing Idea to Increase Your Production

Dentist proud of his dental practice marketingOne of the most effective ways for dentists to increase their production is to focus on their dental practice marketing. This has many facets. Some of these initiatives dental practices are able to do quite well. Others, however, aren’t given the attention they deserve. One excellent example would be online reviews of your practice.


Do you pay close attention to them? Are they a part of your dental practice marketing plans? Sadly, some dentists have never even seen their online reviews. In some cases, they’re missing out on fantastic endorsements. Conversely, they may be failing to notice damaging comments that could negatively impact practice production.


Dental Practice Marketing Idea – Get More Patient Online Reviews


Dentists certainly appreciate when patients speak well of them on social media or by reviewing them on Google. However, relatively few dental practices actively try to obtain these reviews. When contemplating dental practice marketing ideas, this is definitely one to consider seriously.


Reviewing businesses is a popular activity online, with Google and Yelp being two of the most popular venues. As each day passes, consumers rely on them more and more. Their importance can no longer be ignored by dentists.


Managing online reviews and customer feedback, however, can seem difficult, especially if you have limited resources to monitor the review sites consistently. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that managing online reviews of your dental practice should be on your short list of dental practice marketing ideas. Remember that this task should literally be called reputation management.


One Review Site Isn’t the Same as Another


Although Facebook and Yelp get most of the attention in terms of online reviews, don’t forget how prominent the Google “reviews” button is when people get search results for a particular business. It’s important to pay close attention to Google reviews of your dental practice, especially considering the sheer number of people who may read them.

In order to enhance your dental practice marketing, let’s take a closer look at Google reviews and how they potentially impact your office.


How are Google Reviews Different From Yelp and other review sites?


When someone searches for your dental practice, they’ll find it hard to miss the mention of Google reviews. If they’re unfamiliar with your office, there’s a very good chance that they’ll want to see some of the reviews. If you think about it, it’s no big surprise really. Viewers just want to get some sense of what others think of you, your staff and the dental services you provide. Managing this perception involves a solid branding strategy.


Google reviews have more credibility than many review sites, if for no other reason than the fact that reviewers can’t remain entirely anonymous since they’re using their Google account to comment. As a result, the reviews are more likely to be thoughtful and less likely to be unfounded attacks.


What percentage of internet traffic can be attributed to reviews? It’s been noted that 12% or people look for a local business online every day. Here’s another startling fact: 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Think about that for a moment! Staying on top of Google reviews could be one of the more important dental practice marketing ideas you implement.


Two Considerations for Maximizing the Benefits of Google Reviews


1. Have You Verified Your Business Listing?


To take advantage of Google reviews, you need to be certain that your practice is Google-verified. This is easily accomplished by visiting the Google My Business page and registering your business address.


In the process of registering your practice, you’ll be able to associate your office with a number of applicable keywords. Google generates a PIN that you enter to verify your profile. Once this process is completed, you are ready to reap the benefits of Google reviews.

2. When Appropriate, Respond to Reviews


Not responding to reviews keeps you out of the conversation. At that point, a snowball effect can take place, which is dangerous to your practice’s reputation.


Responding to positive reviews shows that you care about what people are saying, which can get you even more positive reviews. When someone says something especially heartfelt and complimentary, it’s completely appropriate to thank the reviewer for his or her kind remarks and restate your commitment to your patients and the practice’s dedication to providing high-quality dental care. It’s positive reviews like this that can make dental practice marketing a much more successful process.


It’s important, however, to remain objective and calm in responding to anything negative that has been posted. Sometimes, the reviewer may have a legitimate issue. If so, it’s good to show that your practice acknowledges it and display an eagerness to take steps to eliminate the problem that the reviewer mentioned. If a reviewer has posted information that you know is demonstratively false or misleading, you should gently defend the practice against accusations. To show that you are above insults and anger, it’s good to express regret that the reviewer didn’t have a positive experience with your practice and move on.


One final note, when you do respond, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate appropriately researched keywords into your response. After all, this is a Google review.


Google reviews may be the first and only reviews seen by potential new patients when they discover you in a Google search. Your professional and compassionate responses to reviews demonstrate to readers that you care about patients and that you strive to always improve the patient experience at your practice.


How Is Your Dental Practice Marketing Going?


Competition between dental practices only increases as time goes on. Is your practice doing the SEO marketing required to increase your production? Your answer dictates whether you’re going to retire at the age you desire.


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