Social media has become almost a necessity in today’s society from both a personal and corporate perspective. People use it to keep up with far-flung friends and family members, to network with others in their industry, and (of course) to market businesses. With 68% of adults using Facebook alone, it just makes sense to get involved with social media marketing, whether you’re pursuing organic or paid channels.

Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

woman with phone and laptop works on social media marketingSocial media marketing is important for nearly all businesses in all industries today, whether your goal is to serve other businesses or to serve consumers. Check out our top 5 reasons why:

  1. Build your brand – Social media marketing allows you to add your logo, photos of your products, and other brand-specific markers to your page. This helps existing and potential customers better understand who you are and what you do. Everything you do on social will reflect on your brand, and give your brand a sense of personality.
  2. Share your content – Content goes viral because of social media. If you’re trying to get a large readership for your site or boost your SEO campaign, sharing on social is always a good idea. It can also help you earn natural backlinks to your site as other social users share content with their networks, which can be picked up by other sites and services.
  3. Communicate with your customer or client base – Twitter and Facebook are especially useful for this. These platforms give people a place to ask questions publicly, and gives brands and opportunity to respond to questions and criticisms. Other individuals can then see that you’re invested in your client base, which helps build trust and your brand identity.
  4. Do some A/B testing – You can see how different posts work for different social platforms and what works best with each. Social media makes it easy to A/B test and get to know your demographic better, as well as the types of content they’re engaging with most on each platform.
  5. Create interactive advertising – While it’s one thing to post a billboard or have a commercial, social media allows your clients and customer base to actually interact with your brand and advertising. This gives you more freedom to create something unique and enjoyable for both your company and those who connect with it. In addition, social advertising platforms allow for far more specific targeting, so you can tailor your messaging to extremely granular types of people within your client or consumer base.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing campaigns fall under two distinct categories: organic or paid. Many marketers and business owners believe that pursuing just one of these options over the other is a viable strategy. However, a combination of the two is often what works best. Paid social or PPC allows you to do a few different things that organic really doesn’t. Most importantly, paid social media marketing lets you select very specific, highly-targeted audiences for your messaging. You can set parameters to retarget users who have already visited your site, and you can add filters for people who like and post certain things or live in specific areas. Most social media sites let you dive deep with your advertising preferences, and allow you to create various segments to receive specific messaging from your company or brand.

While paid allows you to target easily, organic marketing is just as important. You want to be able to consistently engage with your audience and organic social media marketing allows you to do so. Posting around the holidays or about current events that affect your client base helps to humanize your business. It makes people want to engage more. Organic posts help your audience to feel more connected to the people behind your business, which can strengthen your overall brand image and lead to increased engagement with your messaging.

Deciding Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business

Not all social media platforms are going to work well for all businesses. Whether you choose to do paid or organic social media marketing, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in the right place. For example, pouring your money into a platform like Instagram isn’t advisable if you don’t have a lot of original visual content to share. Likewise, B2B brands often don’t do as well with Facebook when their primary audience is business professionals. It’s important to know your audience and understand the contexts under which your audience will react best to your messaging.

Working with a digital marketing agency who has experience with each of these platforms can be a big boost right out of the gate to know what will be most successful to help achieve your business goals. Dreamscape Marketing works with hundreds of businesses in several industries, and has a tried-and-true approach to both organic and paid social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing with Dreamscape

Are you ready to take your social media marketing to the next level? We can get you started with the right platforms, the right type of advertising, and the right content to add to it. We’re able to work with a variety of industries, including (but not limited to):

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