Ethical Dental Practice Marketing

Dentist with ethical dental practice marketingEthical marketing will increase production for dental practices… Dreamscape Marketing believes this statement can be proven by looking at the very real advantages that ethical dental practice marketing brings to dentists. The following are excellent reasons for dental practices to work with an ethical marketing company:

A Moral Marketing Compass Is Created That Guides All Decisions

In many marketing departments and marketing companies, no one can really define what ethical dental practice marketing is. They aren’t entirely sure what the limits are in terms of what’s acceptable and what’s crossing some sort of line in marketing messaging. In addition, there may be people with widely varying moral codes trying to exert their influence, which can create marketing that is ethical one minute and unethical the next. With ethical marketing guidelines in place, everyone knows how a marketing department or company is supposed to function at all times. It essentially acts as reinforcement to a mission statement.


Having a defined moral compass is also good for keeping everyone honest in down times when some marketers may try to sell you on questionable marketing methods to increase your practice production. There’s nothing worse than taking the pains to develop a good reputation in your community only to lose it should you become overly alarmed when production per chair is down.


Differentiates Your Practice

Any marketing firm that a dentist works with should strictly adhere to the concept of ethical dental practice marketing. By focusing on socially conscious marketing, you set your practice apart from others that may not. In dentistry, people look for dentists who obviously care about operating with integrity. If your good reputation precedes you, patients are more likely to place trust in your abilities to help them with their need-based or elective treatment. Dentists traditionally enjoy a very high trust level with patients. It’s advisable to do everything you can to maintain that good reputation.


Foster Goodwill

Your good reputation and customer relationships helps existing and new patients understand that you care about them. It also means that they will associate your practice with caring, professionalism and, best of all, effectiveness.


This feeling of goodwill will spread to those who will never need certain dental services but may be in a position to recommend others. When everyone knows your practice and respects it, your office benefits. You become the first place they think of. If the need for need-based or elective services arises among friends or co-workers, your practice is their go-to. Ethical dental practice marketing helps make that happen.


A Higher Quality of Staff Members Who Stay Longer

The best staff members want to work at a dental office with the best reputation. There is certainly no better situation than when the most qualified people seek you out. If your office is an excellent place to work because it’s ethical in how it deals with patients and staff members alike, employees will be less likely to leave and seek work elsewhere. This all comes down to your branding strategy and management. Remember that continually training new hires is exhaustive and ultimately more expensive than most dentists and specialists realize.


A Good Reputation Can Provide Protection

Through ethical dental practice marketing, the positive reputation of your office grows over time. A good reputation means you earn greater trust from patients and from the community. The practice becomes known for its integrity, which can help reduce the possibility of unsatisfactory patient experiences. The more solid your reputation, the less likely it will be that unhappy former patients will seek to damage it.


Ethical Dental Practice Marketing Is the Best Tool In Your Tray


There are plenty of marketers out there who don’t employ ethical dental practice marketing. Whether you’re a general dentist or a specialist, you can’t afford to be associated with a marketing company that uses tactics that run counter to the ethical practice you operate.


Dreamscape Marketing has worked with hundreds of healthcare clients over the last decade. We advocate ethical marketing content as a practical and logical approach to doing business. Call us today at 888.307.7304 or email us at and let’s discuss your dental practice marketing plan.