Best Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing

If you want to increase senior awareness of your brand and build trust, you need to carefully consider the best strategies for senior living content marketing. Unlike some heavy-handed marketing techniques—which can be against Google guidelines—content marketing highlights the most valuable aspect of your website. It allows you to educate your audience of prospective residents.

What are the right content marketing strategies for your senior community? Consider the following:

Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing: Incorporate Comparisons & Checklists

Your content can’t just “talk at” viewers. It must make bells go off in their heads that your senior living community might be the right place for them (or their parents). Make your content more interactive. For example, cost comparisons with home healthcare or with living at other senior living communities. If these comparisons are to your advantage, you need to emphasize it everywhere you can, and as often as you can. 

Maybe your community’s amenities outshine competitors. Perhaps you offer a full continuum of care and other communities near you don’t. Whatever competitive advantages your community enjoys, your content should showcase it. 

Seniors trying to select a senior living community have many factors to consider. So many, in fact, that the entire process can become overwhelming. Therefore, your website content should incorporate things like checklists or scoresheets. This encourages seniors to engage more with your content. In addition, it becomes easier for them to understand why your community may be a better choice for them than others.

Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing: Informative Videos

Video can be used to effectively reinforce your written content. And there are good reasons to do that. Despite some stereotypes to the contrary, the majority of baby boomers are online frequently. In addition, they’re viewing as much video content as any other age group. Content marketing strategies for senior living communities need to take this into account.

While younger seniors must still place more value on written content, they still consume video content at a great rate. Granted, there are more moving parts with video content. It can’t be produced as quickly or easily or written content. However, as a pandemic has taught us, the power of video can’t be denied as one of the best strategies for senior living content marketing.

Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing: Resident Testimonials

There’s nothing more powerful for seniors than seeing other seniors describe their experiences living in a senior living retirement community. Testimonials can speak to prospective residents in a way that every other kind of senior living content marketing can’t. Hearing stories of happy residents reassures seniors that this may be the right choice for them.

Testimonials are best when they function as storytelling. Let them paint a vivid picture of life in the community. Create these videos in such a way that they make it easy for seniors to imagine living the same lifestyle. If your video testimonials are excellent, it’s a good bet that they will drive seniors to your sales office.

Don’t simply relegate your testimonials to a testimonials web page. Use them throughout your website where they seem appropriate. For example, if a resident testimonial speaks at length about your amenities, it should definitely reside on your amenities page. Post brief video clips directly to social media when they support a particular discussion. There are many possibilities, so use your imagination.

Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing: Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have been gaining in popularity for years. Then, the pandemic came along and made them absolutely invaluable. Now, it’s almost impossible to imagine not incorporating virtual tours into senior living community content marketing. Virtual tours are, after all, the very first impression many seniors will have of your community. At a time when in-person events for prospective residents isn’t possible, virtual tours do a great job of getting the job done.

On a virtual tour, the weather is always sunny and it’s never too hot or too cold. Also, viewers can take the tour 24/7, something not possible with the real thing. When prospective residents arrive at your community, they’ll already have some familiarity with it. For seniors on the fence about leaving their homes, this can be a powerful way to persuade them that your community could be the right choice for them.

Content Marketing Strategies Are Key to Higher Move-Ins

As you look for ways to drive traffic to your website and motivate seniors to contact your sales office, concentrate more closely on your content. Strategies for senior living content marketing are what bring more seniors to you. Excellent web design, superb photography… these are things that help your website succeed. However, the best design can never make up for content that isn’t relevant, engaging and fresh. To learn more about how you can take your senior living community’s marketing efforts to the next level, contact us today or give us a call at 888.307.7304!