Content Marketing for Dental Practices

Content marketing for dental practices isn’t simply some buzzword that gets thrown around to sound impressive. Your content is an integral part of digital marketing strategies for dentists. In the wake of the pandemic, this is more true than ever. 

As we consider the dynamics of content marketing for dental practices, we have to look at what drives the whole machine: SEO. It’s search engine optimization that enables Google to find a dental practice website. It provides the information that search engines need in order to determine a practice’s website relevance to user inquiries. SEO is centered around quality content. So is reader engagement. That’s what makes content marketing for dental practices so important.

Make Content Marketing for Dental Practices Work For You 

Content marketing strategies are key to increasing web traffic and finding new patients. What should you keep in mind with content marketing, besides great content? Here are some practical suggestions:

Make Sure Your Content Looks Great on Mobile Devices

A dental practice website that hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices is a website that’s out of date. Many prospective patients will never look at your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. It would be a shame to have great content that no one is ever going to see.

As a dentist, you’re expected to remain on the leading edge of new dental technology. Your website is a reflection of your practice. If it feels out of date (as in not optimized for mobile), it makes your practice seem out of date as well. Clearly, that’s the last thing you want.

A responsive website for dental practices automatically adapts to the size of a user’s device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly provides a poor viewing experience, which can frustrate prospective patients. Content marketing for dental practices dictates a schedule that includes new blogs and landing pages uploaded on a regular basis.

Keep Your Content Fresh & Relevant

Dreamscape Marketing has seen many dental practice websites that have remained entirely unchanged for years. That’s literally the last thing you want to do. Google expects websites to routinely upload fresh content. If Google judges a website to be stale, the search engine may decide that it isn’t providing anything valuable or relevant for viewers. Making viewers happy is Google’s main concern. If your dental practice website isn’t making viewers happy, expect to see your ranking decline.  

Your dental practice website content should reflect what’s happening right now. Not what was happening six months or a year ago. Remember that a website is never “finished.” It’s a continual work in progress. Fresh content is the reason viewers return to your website more than once. It’s the reason they will follow you on social media. Be the expert who shares his or her expertise with viewers on a regular basis.

Patient Online Reviews Play a Big Role in Content Marketing for Dental Practices

With people living more and more of their lives online, posting online reviews has become extremely commonplace. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a new item of clothing or, yes, a dental practice, people are likely to write reviews. A good review speaks to prospective patients in a way that no other type of marketing can. It displays the patient experience in a way that viewers can easily relate to.

When satisfied patients are leaving your practice, it’s perfectly appropriate to ask them to give you a good review online on Google or Yelp (or both). Remember that they may not think to do this on their own. The reason for that is basic human nature. People tend to be more motivated to write negative reviews than positive ones. That’s even more reason to motivate satisfied patients to review your practice!

Content Marketing for Dental Practices Has a Snowball Effect

When digital marketing strategies for dentists have been done correctly, it becomes the snowball that just gets bigger and bigger the further you roll it. When content marketing is working, you will see greater online exposure and more traffic, which should lead to more new patients and increased production. 

It’s important to recognize, however, that dentists and staff members don’t have time to create content for their practice websites. The often hectic day-to-day is simply too time consuming to allow for such a large commitment of time. Additionally, without the skills of professional dental content writers, SEO experts and web designers, the process becomes especially difficult. It’s always better to outsource content marketing for dental practices to the experts.

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