Our Dedicated servers specialize in WordPress websites.

Svg%3EAt Dreamscape Marketing, we prefer to use WordPress (WP) as our hosting solution. Dreamscape maintains two dedicated servers for our WordPress-only websites. We know the tools that work well with WordPress and we avoid using tools that let in spam and malware. Senior living WordPress hosting ensures daily back-ups and frequent security checks of your website.

With the WordPress Engine, we’ll create a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that enables your senior living website to load images discretely from the content. This method increases the page loading speed by leaps and bounds. Loading speed is a key factor that Google looks for in its ranking algorithm. WordPress Engine comes with a Secured Socket Location certificate (SSL), which adds an extra level of security that Google prefers to see in websites. Websites with SSL will display their URLs in the address bar with “https,” as compared to a non-SSL-certified site that will display as “http.”

Senior Living Website Hosting from Dreamscape Marketing

We know that you have a variety of options for senior living website hosting. Of course, hosting your website with Dreamscape Marketing is essentially worry-free. We take care of all of the technical concerns so that your website runs smoothly and performs at its best. With senior living WordPress hosting, we use an upgrade called Visual Composer that allows for simple, drag-and-drop web design and editing. This saves us time and ultimately, saves you money.

At Dreamscape, we aim to make the senior living website hosting process as simple as possible. Let us deal with it so you can get back to running your community. For more information on senior living WordPress hosting, reach out to the Dream Team at 888.307.7304 today. We’ll be more than happy to set up a consultation.