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Quality Websites Require Relevant Content

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Authentic, human-centered content is essential in helping your brand be seen, considered, and trusted. Dreamscape Marketing will make sure that your brand is defined by content that’s meaningful to seniors and their families. We’ll make sure that they view your senior living community in the best possible light.

Your staff is dedicating their lives to helping senior citizens live happy, healthy lives. Dreamscape can help your brand reflect this steadfast commitment by implementing user experience (UX) concepts for optimal page layout and by creating content that demonstrates your commitment. So when people view your website, social media feeds, and any other piece of branded content, a profound message of hope and understanding needs to shine through.

How Do Consumers Get Attached to Brands?

Consumers develop attachments to brands in many of the same ways they develop attachments to people; your content is your personality. The two most important factors in helping people develop a relationship with your brand are competence and warmth.


Dreamscape can help establish your brand as an expert in the field; people need to know that you know what you’re doing. Explaining familiar concepts in a respectful, innovative way helps to establish competence with your audience. Helping your audience fill in gaps in their understanding without being overbearing will establish your organization as a competent member of the senior living community.


When people read your content, they are desperately looking to find an answer to this question: “Will my loved one be in good hands here?” It is no longer good enough to tell readers that your staff is caring; Dreamscape can help you show them. Our writers are intimately familiar with the process of finding a senior living community for a loved one. We know the questions families ask, and we know how to answer them.

Content Marketing Trends Matter

Digital content is one way to build positive brand impressions for your senior living community.  But content marketing and SEO strategies in the healthcare field are not just about writing popular blog posts. Search engines are more likely to display your content to an audience with similar interests, meaning that your rankings will improve if your website’s content mirrors your viewers’ search results. That means that providing relevant, authentically helpful content will improve Google’s opinion of your business. Modern content requires both maintenance and data analysis. If you already have Google Analytics installed, this is a great first step. If not, our Dream Team is happy to help. Dreamscape specializes in the following types of content marketing:

We’ll include a wide array of content on your website, covering important topics that matter. Key components of our assisted living content marketing strategy include the following:


The pages on your website are critical for bringing in web traffic, and as a result, new residents. They discuss the ways that your community provides accommodations and delivers healthcare services. This may sound painfully obvious, but your senior living website’s design should be senior-friendly and include content that is relevant to seniors and their families. Your webpages will explain the levels of care that you provide, amenities in your community, and the overall quality of life that residents can expect. These pages represent your overall brand and provide a place to position your community over our competitors. Of course, we’ll make sure that people in your market know that you’re there for them.


Blogs have proven to be crucial for providing meaningful, educational content to your target audience. Blog posts round out the reader’s understanding of your message. Quality blog posts set you apart, establishing you as a forward-thinking leader in the senior living industry. Unique blog content keeps seniors and other family members engaged. It also provides senior living SEO that other pages won’t be able to achieve. In addition, blog posts can provide a wealth of long-tail keywords and keyword variations that we wouldn’t normally include in the core pages of your website. A modern keyword strategy enhances your site’s visibility in search and draws in more traffic, giving you more chances to convert those visitors into qualified leads.


Infographics are a proven method of intimating facts, numbers, and statistics to prospective residents and their families. Dreamscape will create unique, custom infographics that serve to integrate your corporate branding as well as put forth a compelling image to your target audience. These infographics generally contain high-level research and statistics, giving them a good chance of being picked up and shared by industry professionals. This leads to organic backlinking opportunities, further increasing SEO strength and establishing you as an authority and thought leader in the senior living space.

Press Releases

When you hire new doctors, therapists, hospitality, or clinical staff, your community is making an important change that should be shared with your clients through press releases. Additionally, announcing new amenities or building expansions is an exciting way to keep your audience engaged. Press releases are a proven way to connect with your target market. Keeping your readers in the loop is an important way to maintain contact and ensure people stay on your waiting or futures list. Traditional measures such as press releases can be a vital aspect of any assisted living content marketing plan.

Social Media

Younger audiences use social media to evaluate whether people in a senior living community seem happy and well cared for. It also helps families view your staff as part of their own. The content on your social media feeds should draw people in using empathetic, socially conscious, entertaining content. It should reflect academic prowess without pretension. If you regularly host on-campus family events, posting photos of these events will help keep people connected and engaged in your community. Having a good social media presence is essential to any senior living marketing campaign in 2021.

Senior Living Content Marketing

Consistent, compelling senior living content marketing will make your facility a success. If you’re interested in learning more about senior living, assisted living, and nursing home content marketing, call Dreamscape Marketing at 888.307.7304 or contact us online today.